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Octane portfolio companies that have graduated from Octane’s LaunchPad SBDC Accelerator will pitch their products to our investor ecosystem with key strategics and physicians.

Octane will be presenting two awards: the People’s Choice Award and the Judge’s Choice Award.

ImaCor – Judge’s Choice Award Recipient

Relief Cardio – People’s Choice Award Recipient

Octane Portfolio Presenting Companies


ImaCor has created the world’s first Precision Hemodynamics platform that combines imaging and monitoring in a portable package for ease-of-use by high acuity care teams. Building on our patented transesophageal ultrasound probe, ImaCor developed miniaturized hardware and AI-enabled software to establish this new Gold Standard for Precision Hemodynamics. Leading hospital systems have strongly supported our development, with focus on high acuity patients for whom the combination of imaging and monitoring is a lifesaving necessity.  ImaCor’s primary markets include Sepsis, Surgery, and Cardiac Support, reducing hospital costs, preserving revenue streams, and advancing Centers of Excellence. The markets are large, focused, and accessible.

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Relief Cardiovascular

6 million Americans are living with heart failure, and nearly half a million experience at least three heart failure hospitalizations every year. These hospitalizations are primarily due to congestion and inadequate response to diuretic medication. To address this, Relief Cardiovascular is developing a closed-loop vascular implant for heart failure that integrates implantable sensors with a mechanism to enhance kidney perfusion. By providing an implantable automated method of volume management that doesn’t rely exclusively on diuretic medications, Relief aims to reduce the burden of heart failure for the millions of heart failure patients, caregivers, and the medical system.

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Intra-Cardiac Echocardiography (ICE) catheters are used in Atrial Fibrillation and Ventricular Tachycardia procedures in the Electrocardiography (EP) market. ICE Catheters account for $1B of the $8B EP market and have double digit growth. There are currently just two players in the market. SoundCath developed the following MEMS based ICE catheter. 8Fr IceSite™ – 64 element 10Fr IceSite™ – 96 element 5Fr IceSite™ – 32 element Benefits of SoundCath’s ICE catheter versus traditional bulk PZT ICE Catheters: – High bandwidth resulting in superior image resolution and quality – Ultra-low cost – Miniaturize SoundCath will enter the US and Japan markets in 2024.

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Stimcore Medical Devices

Stimcore LLC is a medical device company with an emphasis on airway, breathing and sleep, deploying diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Its dedicated professionals are now initiating an innovative project based on the development/commercialization of smart, wearable devices that address rhino-sinusitis, sleep disordered breathing and obstructive sleep apnea. The company has secure intellectual property, with new patent submissions in the pipeline, as well as exclusive licensing deals. Stimcore’s suite of novel devices harness exclusive biosignaling pathways and a portfolio of unique clinical protocols, based on bioengineering excellence for new product development, aimed at pre-existing and new billing codes after FDA acceptance.

The Company’s FlexPoint® steerable transseptal needle, is already cleared for marketing in the US (Class II) and Europe (CE Mark).  This is the only known steerable needle in existence and targets a worldwide market of over 350,000 units annually, and growing.  The device has been used in over 1,000 clinical cases.

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Total Flow Medical

Total Flow Medical’s mission is to improve the length and quality of life for heart surgery and life support patients. Our first product is a cannula for cardiopulmonary bypass, used during minimally invasive heart surgery. Costing the US healthcare system an estimate $1B per year, standard cannula can block blood flow in patients’ legs- leading to ischemic limb conditions, amputation and even death. With our patented solutions, we plan to become the standard of care in femoral cannulation to treat the 100k US patients per year. Designed by clinicians, our easy-to-use solutions do not interrupt clinical workflow and help surgeons to take care of their patients’ limbs and lives.

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Haleh Armian, MSc
Director of Biomedical Innovation Ventures, Hoag
Duncan Fatkin
Chief Commercial Officer,
Beyond Air Inc.

Virginia Giddings, PhD
Vice President of Exploration,
Edwards Lifesciences
Join us during the Octane Portfolio Company Presentations! You, the audience, get to decide the People’s Choice Award and our esteemed judges select the Judge’s Choice Award.

The Judge’s Choice winner will also receive an exclusive Innovators’ Network Membership, courtesy of our sponsor, The American Heart Association.

About the Innovators’ Network Membership: The Innovators’ Network is a premier consortium dedicated to fostering connections between entrepreneurs, providers, researchers, and payers. Its mission is to accelerate the development and implementation of novel solutions across the health continuum. For those keen on diving deeper into the benefits and offerings of this membership, click here to learn more.

Apply to Pitch at Next Year’s CTS!

Do you have an innovative cardiovascular company seeking capital? The final session at our Cardiovascular Tech Summit will feature top Cardiovascular innovation companies, providing an opportunity to pitch directly to our investors. Apply to present at Octane’s Cardiovascular Tech Summit 2024!

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