HTA Winners

September 12th, 2019

Announcing Our 2019 Winners!

Best Large Technology Company CEO

Jeff Margolis- WELLTOK

Welltok is a data-driven, enterprise SaaS company that delivers the healthcare industry’s leading consumer activation platform. Welltok’s solutions empower leading health plans, employers, providers and public entities to connect consumers with personalized health improvement resources, making it easy and rewarding for consumers to complete actions that optimize their health and wellbeing. Only Welltok leverages a machine-learning, multi-channel approach proven to help innovative organizations power growth and retention initiatives, improve healthcare value, and streamline the consumer experience, while upholding the highest security and compliance standards.

Best Small Technology Company CEO

Ike Kavas- Ephesoft

Ephesoft is an enterprise content capture and data discovery solution, in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises, that automates any document-based business process and makes meaning out of unstructured data for decision-makers worldwide. Organizations use Ephesoft to improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. Learn more at ephesoft.com.

Best Technology in a Consumer Product


OPKIX is a lifestyle technology brand. OPKIX lets you capture the moments you live in while living in the moments you capture. We built our company to capture and share life’s moments, OPKIX empowers you to show the world your Point of View.

Best Technology Innovation in Software

Titan Health & Security Technologies

Titan HST is a customizable 2-way emergency mass communication system with super charged, multi-patented features such as Augmented Reality allowing users to “see” in no-visibility situations, Mesh-Networking creates an ad-hoc network even in disaster situations when cell towers are down or overloaded, and Real-Time Translation which bridges language barriers instantly.


Deal of the Year


Bonti is an innovative biotechnology company seeking to address key unmet needs in markets with significant addressable opportunities by developing and commercializing novel, fast-acting neurotoxin products for aesthetic and therapeutic applications. The company is led by executives with extensive experience with neurotoxin products at Allergan.

Outstanding Small Technology Company

AWM Smart Shelf

AWM Smart Shelf is a comprehensive retail artificial intelligence (AI) solution which combines unique shelf-edge LED displays with a shopper tracking and demographic engine, on-shelf inventory intelligence, planogram management and compliance, frictionless shopping, and more. Our full suite of offerings captivates customers with personalized experiences that not only enhance the omni-channel experience and boost sales, but which also increase operational efficiencies – cutting costs and reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Outstanding Innovation in Medical Technology


Sonendo® is passionate about transforming dentistry through meaningful innovation. Our first commercially available product, the GentleWave® System is elevating the efficacy and efficiency of root canal therapy, promoting quality, patient-centered care, and Saving Teeth Through Sound Science®.

Outstanding Emerging Technology Company


Backed by some of the world’s strongest tech strategic investors, including Intel Capital, Microsoft M12, Bosch Ventures and the Amazon Alexa Fund, Syntiant Corp. is moving artificial intelligence and machine learning from the cloud to edge devices with its ultra-low-power, high-performance, deep neural network processors for always-on applications in battery-powered devices.

Outstanding Large Technology Company

Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease and critical care monitoring. Driven by a passion to help patients, the company collaborates with the world’s leading clinicians and researchers to address unmet healthcare needs, working to improve patient outcomes and enhance lives.

High Tech Awards

September 12, 2019
Balboa Bay Resort, Newport Beach

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