20 Years of Innovation

Imagine the Future of Orange County job creation and impact with the abundance of resources.

How will the Impact Fund create generational impact?

In celebration of our 2oth anniversary, hear from Octane’s Founders on what the Impact Fund will do for the future of Southern California.


Dwight Decker, Retired Chairman & CEO Conexant Systems, Inc., Co-Founder, Octane
Jim Mazzo, Executive Chairman, Neurotech, Co-Founder, Octane
Michael A. Mussallem, Chairman & CEO, Edwards Lifesciences, Co-Founder, Octane
Tom Moebus, Founder & Principal, TenXGrow, Co-Founder, Octane

We are building on our legacy of tech innovation and growth to create generational impact in Orange County through the Octane Impact Fund.

Announcing the Octane Impact Fund.

Since its creation in 2002, Octane has grown from a small non-profit started by community leaders to an ecosystem-changing organization that has helped companies create over 26,000 high paying jobs and raise over $4.3B.

Caitlin Blanche, Leana Wood and Courtney Baber, from left, at the Connecting Consumers to Aesthetic Innovation panel at Aesthetics Tech Summit

Impact of Funds

LaunchPad SBDC Accelerator

  • Jobs Created
  • Capital Infused
  • Companies Operational in Orange County
  • Innovation Pipeline Mentored & Accelerated

Community Impact

  • Next Wave of Community Leaders Prepared
  • Healthiest Population in the World Cultivated Through AI with healthsocal.ai
  • Women-operated Companies Created & Funded; Women on Boards Placed
  • Career Pathways in STEAM & Entrepreneurship Established and United
  • Non-Profits Focused on Underserved Areas Empowered

Ecosystem Leadership

  • Content Platform (Live & On-Demand) Upgraded
  • State-of-the-Art Event Technology Implemented
  • Data Analytics & IT Technology Enhanced 
  • Staffing to Support Organizational Impact Increased
Caitlin Blanche, Leana Wood and Courtney Baber, from left, at the Connecting Consumers to Aesthetic Innovation panel at Aesthetics Tech Summit

An Increased Job-Growth Trajectory

A tax-deductible contribution to the Octane Impact Fund will allow the organization to rapidly expand and accelerate, leading the increased job growth, capital infusion through our Accelerator, LaunchPad SBDC and Octane Capital & Growth, and increase community impact through our Foundation.

Learn More About the Octane Impact Fund

The Octane Impact Fund will create additional economic impact with a $253M increase in payroll tax revenue from direct & indirect job creation, plus a $369.6M fiscal impact in 10 years.

Areas of Increased Impact

LaunchPad SBDC

Create Equitable High Pay Jobs & Capital Infusion

Non-Profit Accelerator

Empower non-profit organizations to better serve underserved communities

Women Leaders of Octane

Increase the ranks of women entrepreneur’s access to funding & influence on boards

STEAM Fellows

Provide career pathways in STEAM & entrepreneurship

Next Wave

Inspire the next generation of business and community leaders


Leverage AI to create the healthiest population in the world in one generation