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Octane Welcomes LaunchLab Partners as New Octane Preferred Advisor

IRVINE, Calif., June 11, 2024

Octane is excited to announce the addition of LaunchLab Partners as the newest Octane Preferred Advisor (OPA). LaunchLab Partners, an outsourced commercialization team in healthcare innovation, brings a seasoned team of experts dedicated to transforming visions from concept to market dominance. Their integrated approach spans market insights, marketing, communications, commercialization, and business strategy, making them a fearless ally for their clients every step of the way.


LaunchLab Partners recently announced its official business launch in May 2024. Founded by strategy and marketing powerhouses Jenna Farr and Yari Mitchell, LaunchLab Partners aims to simplify the complex commercialization process for healthcare innovators at any stage of development, accelerating patient access to healthcare products.


“Our comprehensive understanding of the complex healthcare innovation process inspired the creation of LaunchLab Partners,” said Farr. “We recognized the necessity for a more streamlined and efficient approach. Relying on multiple vendors to achieve your objectives can be not only demanding but also lead to communication breakdowns. We collaborate closely with our clients to simplify this process, delivering innovative strategies, tailored data, and meticulous implementation. Our team is truly driven by a passion for helping our clients succeed.”


With an extensive track record in the healthcare sector, Farr and Mitchell have successfully introduced groundbreaking products, conducted in-depth consumer research, established thriving markets, and implemented high-impact campaigns. This wealth of expertise has provided them with a deep understanding of the obstacles faced by innovators when bringing new products to market. Leveraging their combined expertise and by collaborating with a network of top-tier specialists, LaunchLab Partners delivers comprehensive strategies and seamless implementation throughout the entire product development lifecycle.


“We are regularly asked, ‘When should a company engage LaunchLab Partners?’ Our answer is simple: as early as possible,” said Mitchell. “Investing in understanding your market, the competition, payor landscape, reimbursement process, and market gaps from the outset is critical. This knowledge helps develop a compelling business value proposition to support fundraising and strategic engagement, ensuring a competitive edge. Engaging early also allows you to maximize the time spent in development and clinical trials to establish your market presence and accelerate your commercial launch when ready.”


“We are thrilled to welcome LaunchLab Partners as an Octane Preferred Advisor. Their specialized insights and proven track record in healthcare commercialization will be an invaluable resource for our network. At Octane Capital & Growth, we curate the resources to help companies grow. Our broad portfolio of best-in-class Preferred Advisors delivers operational and consultative proficiency to emerging companies, enabling them to reach their milestones faster and achieve revenue goals more effectively and efficiently. LaunchLab Partners’ ability to provide tailored, scalable solutions for growing companies perfectly complements our mission.” said Carol DiStanislao, Managing Director, Octane Capital & Growth.


LaunchLab Partners’ vision to shape the future of healthcare by accelerating patient access to innovation aligns seamlessly with Octane’s mission to drive innovation and growth by facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and resources that fuel the development of Southern California’s tech and MedTech industries.


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