Connecting People, Resources & Capital to Help Create 55,000+ Jobs in Southern California.

Big goals for Southern California.

Octane is a convening organization of the Southern California technology and medical technology business ecosystem by connecting people, resources and capital. We will help create 55,000+ high paying technology jobs in Southern California by 2030 through our accelerator LaunchPad as well as our platform Octane Enterprise Solutions (OES). In addition, Octane hosts dozens of programs throughout the year and has direct access to capital and partners.

Vision 2025: Making a better future for Southern California.

Octane’s accelerator, LaunchPad, and our newest platform, Octane Enterprise Solutions (OES), will help create 22,000+ high paying technology jobs by 2025 and 55,000+ by 2030.  Additionally, we will enable companies to access growth capital, operational expertise, shared services and talent.

Since 2010, LaunchPad has helped 490+ Companies Receive FundingThose companies have created 10,290 jobs

Octane Foundation for Innovation*

Since its inception in 2004, Octane Foundation for Innovation (OFI) has been committed to driving innovation and growth by connecting Southern California tech and medtech startups and small-to-midsize companies with capital, resources and expertise to accelerate their development and growth in diverse economic communities. To help drive these businesses forward, OFI convenes the entire ecosystem to elevate its strength and diversity as a whole. The result is the following four goals. 

For more information or to make a charitable contribution to OFI, please contact Janelle Brunette, Chief Administrative Officer at


Formation & Growth of Tech and MedTech Companies

Through Octane’s Nonprofit Accelerator and LaunchPad Accelerator, Octane is committed to helping company’s grow and scale in Southern California to create jobs throughout the region.


Creation & Retention of High Paying Jobs

Octane is committed to long-term job creation and has pledged to create 22,000+ jobs by 2025 and 55,000+ jobs by 2030.


Promotion of Economic Inclusion & Opportunity for Underserved Populations

OFI’s STEM Strategy is executed by teaching financial literacy and business acumen to those already STEM- trained. In addition, Octane launched its new inititave, Women Leaders of Octane.


Infusion of Capital into the Regional Economy

As companies form and grow in Southern California, Octane is committed to infusing capital into the local economy through outreach and awareness.

Our Team

Our Team is based in sunny Southern California, with our offices in Aliso Viejo, CA. 

Bill Carpou
Chief Executive Officer

Janelle Brunette
Chief Administrative Officer

Paul Tobin
President, Octane Enterprise Solutions

JC Ruffalo
Director, LaunchPad SBDC & Investor Relations

Teresa Madden
Director, Partner Relations

Deb Hart
Managing Director, Octane Enterprise Solutions

Carol DiStanislao
Managing Director, Octane Enterprise Solutions

Cara Davidoff
Director, Marketing

Rita Battocchio
Head of Events

Cara Parchment
Signature Event Manager, ATS & OTS

Maggie Carranza
Signature Event Manager, HTA

Jamie Hill
Director, Operations

Elsa Kondri
LaunchPad SBDC Analyst

Mallory Grimaud
Senior Designer

David Ruff
Product & Operations Manager, Octane Enterprise Solutions

Nicole Washington
Senior Advisor, Community Engagement

Paul Symczak
Senior Advisor, Octane

Kenneth Stanigar
Senior Advisor, Octane

Marc Bellotti
Senior Advisor, Octane

Scott Johnson
Senior Advisor, Octane

Tom Mattoon
Senior Advisor, Octane

Shaun Sanders
Senior Advisor, Octane

Jeffry Weinhuff
Managing Partner, Visionary Venture Fund

Garrett Hamontree
Principal, Visionary Venture Fund

Chief Happiness Officer

*The Octane Foundation for Innovation is funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration as well as through public and private agreements. Funding is not an endorsement of any product, opinion, or service. All programs are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis.
Octane Foundation for Innovation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Tax ID# 90-0176361