LaunchPad at MedTech Innovation Forum

Congratulations to our 2019 Winner, IntelliStem!

Announcing Our 2019 LaunchPad Award Winner, IntelliStem!

Out of our final LaunchPad Presenting Companies, IntelliStem emerged as the winner! With companies focused in a wide range of MedTech applications, we can’t wait to see the impact they make on the future of the field.

Our 2019 LaunchPad Finalists


Cerenetex, Inc. is developing a proprietary frequency-based diagnostic for the detection of neuropathologies using acoustics.

Cooler Heads

Cooler Heads provides the evidence based products cancer patients need to manage the side effects of treatment and survivorship.


DIANAVI is a smartphone based AI that is always actively engaged to help its user understand, manage and treat diabetes through real-time, personalized lifestyle coaching.


IntelliStem Technologies, genetically engineered Stem cells to target cancer with higher success rate than CAR-T cells and Dendritic Cells.


MateraCor is an Interventional device and biotherapeutics to regenerate cardiac function in heart failure patients.


Orgagen is a regenerative medicine company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing a range of replacement organs and tissues implants


PolyArmour is a non-invasive external fixator with published clinical results. It is a fully patented platform technology, FDA ready, fracture fixation system which eliminates infection, stiffness and surgery.