Next Wave

Creating a cultural revolution that enhances greater access and awareness of Orange County
Octane Non-Profit Accelerator First Cohort

Next Wave Impact

Next Wave is designed to engage community leaders in the continuous development and growth of the Orange County innovation ecosystem. This initiative seeks to provide greater access and awareness to the community by impacting and creating a generational bridge through a cultural movement that focuses on our economic impact from a cultural perspective.

Influencing the Next Generation through a movement focusing on economic impact from a cultural perspective.

Influencing the Next Generation

Building, establishing and creating what Orange County culture will look like through generations to come. The Next Wave Initiative is designed to define culture through a differentiation of experience resulting in long term economic impact and reduction in employee turnover.


Octane Non-Profit Accelerator First Cohort

Measuring Success


Reduce turnover in 35-45 year olds by at least 10% in companies involved with Next Wave

Increase engagement in Next Wave events by 25% each year over the next three years

Increase the number of 35-45-year-olds by at least 9% that go through the Octane LaunchPad Accelerator each year

Get Involved with the Next Wave

Next Wave Board


Bill Carpou
CEO, Octane

Cara Davidoff
Managing Director, Next Wave, Octane

Marinela Gombosev
COO, Spark Neuro

Reza Jahangiri

Jason Lantgen
Vice President, JLL

David Moatazedi
President and CEO, Evolus

How Next Wave Will Achieve Our Goals


Build Community Impact that provides greater access and involvement for individuals to engage in the community

Utilize Octane’s Infrastructure to convene and engage the community

Build, retain, and attract talent