Advancing the Next Generation of Business & Community Leadership

Octane Non-Profit Accelerator First Cohort

Next Wave Leaders

The Next Wave Initiative is designed to recruit and engage new generations of industry and community leadership in the continuous development and responsible growth of the Orange County innovation ecosystem. In addition to contributing to the quality of the live/work experience, this initiative seeks to inspire the next generation of industry leadership to a purpose-driven, intentional leadership culture that will strengthen and distinguish Orange County and position it to compete favorably for retaining and attracting talent.

Preparing, cultivating, and empowering the Next Wave of leadership for community engagement and ecosystem development.

Purpose-Driven Leadership Development

Encourage the development and adoption of an intentional leadership culture that defines and distinguishes Orange County as a place to do business and work while building a platform of diversity, equity, and social consciousness that influences the live/work experience.

Make a difference by recommending a next-generation industry leader or participating in events and activities planned to connect generations.

Octane Non-Profit Accelerator First Cohort
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