Accelerating STEAM Non-Profits
in Orange County

Octane’s Non-Profit Accelerator

We provide non-profits with the tools they need to expand their impact in the community, specifically those non-profits that serve under-represented people in STEAM and healthcare.
By adapting Octane’s award-winning LaunchPad SBDC evaluation process, non-profits receive a similar evaluation of their organization and expert advice. The graduates of the Non-Profit Accelerator emerge more empowered and capable of improving the lives and communities of the people they serve.
The Non-Profit Accelerator is made possible by a generous grant from Edwards Lifesciences Foundation.

2022 Non-Profit Accelerator Fall Cohort 

The 2022 Fall Cohort Application is now open!

View eligibility requirements here.

Apply Today! Application Deadline is September 2!

Octane Non-Profit Accelerator First Cohort

The purpose of the Non-Profit Accelerator is to help non-profit organizations optimize their resources, build capacity and improve sustainability.

Increasing Impact

By providing opportunities, expertise, and coaching, we believe that Non-Profits will create more impact in the local community. The three goals we are focusing on are:

Increasing Community Reach

Using our LaunchPad SBDC Accelerator process, we can help non-profits make a greater impact in the community.
Support this initiative by volunteering to serve as a subject matter expert.

Increasing Grants & Funding

The Non-Profit Accelerator program helps non-profits prepare more effective strategies for grants and funding.

Increasing Sustainability

We believe that people and communities are better served when non-profits and their missions are capable of reliably delivering their services. The Non-Profit Accelerator experience helps these organizations build the capacity and effectiveness necessary to achieve long-term sustainability.

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Our Cohorts

Cohort 1 – Fall 2019
Cohort 2 – Spring 2020
Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies Logo - STEM non-profit
Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano - Southern California Non-Profit Organization
Innovos Robotics Logo with Gears
Med Tech Color Logo - Orange County Non-Profit
Patient Safety Movement Logo - Octane Non Profit Accelerator Company
Cohort 3 – Fall 2020
Cohort 4 – Spring 2021
Cohort 5 – Fall 2021
Cohort 6 – Spring 2022
Cohort 7 – Fall 2022 (Applications Now Open!)