Octane Portfolio
Company Presentations

Octane portfolio companies that have graduated from Octane’s LaunchPad SBDC Accelerator will pitch their products to our investor ecosystem with key strategics and physicians.

Octane will be presenting two awards: the People’s Choice Award and the Judge’s Choice Award.

Bright Uro
Day 1 – People’s Choice & Judge’s Choice Award Recipient

2Pi-Sigma Corp.
Day 2 – People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice Award Recipient

2023 Presenting Companies


Rapid exosome-based liquid biopsy device for early multi-cancer screening

2Pi-Sigma Corporation

2Pi-Sigma Corp. has developed a proprietary NG-LFA (Next Generation Lateral Flow Assay) platform, a microfluidics platform, and a new exosome assay enabling the development of rapid exosome-based liquid biopsy cancer screening tests and devices utilizing a novel proprietary antibody-antigen pair for early detection of the majority of cancers as a fully integrated device using only a few microliters of blood. Product designated as NovoScreenTM. The performance of the antibody-antigen pair (UCD1) in cancer detection has been shown in a validation trial with 837 serum samples from cancer patients and healthy subjects with 95.6% sensitivity and 92.2% specificity.


Alyve Medical is transforming musculoskeletal care with revolutionary sensor technologies.

Alyve Medical

Alyve Medical is at the forefront of transforming musculoskeletal rehabilitation and motion assessment with its cutting-edge technologies. Their pioneering therapeutic wearable, Neuralign S™, is specifically designed to address shoulder pain and enhance function. Representing the next generation of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), Neuralign S™ harnesses the power of patented Motion Activated Stimulation™, delivering unique stimulation patterns and superior outcomes. Shoulder pain ranks as the third most prevalent reason for seeking musculoskeletal care, making Neuralign S™ exceptionally relevant. With a total addressable market (TAM) exceeding $10B, the potential for growth is substantial.

BrightUro logo

Improving patient outcomes through AI-driven posture and movement measurements


Bodiometer provides clinicians with a mobile motion-capture solution to objectively assess joint mobility and keep the patients engaged in their care process through visual progress indicators on a two-sided dashboard. Bodiometer’s computer vision solutions track and measure biomechanical data and analyze postural misalignment. Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists equipped with Bodiometer can give their patients up-to-date digital care plans, a process that is done piecemeal today with outdated technology, if at all, and maintain complete transparency and trust during the recovery process. Additionally, Bodiometer provides justification and validation for treatments provided to Medicare and insurance providers should providers be audited.

BrightUro logo

Diagnostic Sensors
and Data Science for Urology

Bright Uro Inc.

Bright Uro is developing advanced Diagnostic Sensors and Data Science for Urology. Leveraging IP from the Cleveland Clinic, Bright Uro has developed the most comfortable, accurate, and efficient way to perform Urodynamics.

Glean is the first and only way to perform wireless, catheter-free urodynamic monitoring and will help millions of Americans dealing with Overactive Bladder, Incontinence, and Prostate issues. Glean is also the first connected device for Urodynamics and will enable the integration of AI and Machine Learning to increase efficiency and improve outcomes. Bright Uro is like iRhythym for Urology but with better reimbursement.


Low Level Microbicidal Light for Treatment of Yeast & Bacterial Vaginosis…without drugs!

Cern Corporation

Microbicidal light therapy device treating both yeast & bacterial vaginosis. The prescriptive device is designed for use at home, as needed, when needed, based on familiar, recurrent symptom and whose use may be managed by the clinician. The Cern Device™ avoids use of toxic antifungal/antibiotics and is designed for those, for whom, drug-based therapies are neither effective, appropriate, or desired. Cern has received utility & design patents, along with supportive 3rd party assessment of “Freedom to Operate”. Based on FDA Pre-Submission, we are slated to be FDA Class II, 510K de novo clearance path.



The World’s First Bio-absorbable Polymer-based Stent to Treat Brain Aneurysms

Fluid Biomed Inc

Founded by expert neurosurgeons, Fluid Biomed is a VC-backed clinical-stage medtech start-up that has developed the world’s first bio-absorbable stent to cure brain aneurysms. Our innovative polymer technology allows physicians the versatility of treating the widest variety of aneurysms more safely and efficiently than older all-metal devices. Backed by years of extensive laboratory research, a robust patent and tech transfer position, defined regulatory and reimbursement pathways, and favorable First-in-Human clinical trial results, the company has opened a $20MM USD Series A round to be led by a major strategic VC.


IMS is creating a platform for monitoring blood chemistry for health tracking.

Integrated Medical Sensors

Traditional healthcare involves multiple doctor and lab visits and is not sustainable for managing health and preventing diseases. A new approach requires continuous monitoring of various indicators to track health status. To achieve this, a scalable, affordable, and accurate personal health monitoring tool is needed to monitor metabolic and physiological markers. IMS Inc. has developed such a system. Using a single device, this system continuously monitors biochemical health markers such as glucose and lactate and physiological markers like tissue temperature and pH. It uses advanced semiconductors and nanotechnology to deliver exceptional performance at extremely small sizes.


Democratizing touchless control for public health and safety.

NZ Technologies

NZ Technologies Inc. (NZTech) pioneers touchless interactions for healthcare and beyond. Since 2015, we’ve combined embedded hardware, software, AI, and machine learning to create TIPSO, our flagship product, enabling surgeons to control equipment and imaging without contact. Our HoverTap platform extends touchless control to various hospital systems, minimizing health risks. We collaborate with experts in minimally invasive surgery to innovate continually. NZTech’s mission is to democratize contactless interaction, reducing disease transmission. Join us in creating a safer tomorrow with groundbreaking solutions for healthcare.


Merging Science With
Connected Technology

Pretika MedTech

Pretika MedTech delivers embedded connected wound care technology. A non-invasive imaging device embedded within wound care dressings with wireless enabled connected digital technologies into the EHR system to provide on-demand images, sensor and data analytics for clinicians to monitor the healing process of acute and chronic wounds remotely without having to remove the surgical dressings, bandages, wraps or casts.


BrightUro logo

Non invasive Monitoring and Care Management Decision Support Platform for Chronic Wounds, Dermatology, and Cosmetics


Rubitection’s assessment and management system provides a reliable decision support platform for chronic wounds and dermatological conditions. Rubitection’s solution solves a $26 billion healthcare problem by providing care providers with a low cost reliable tool to assess and manage the care of chronic wounds and dermatological conditions. A low risk FDA pathway as a class I FDA device allows a quick path to a $4.2 billion market. Hybrid sales and distribution partnerships enable $240 million in sales within 6 years of product launch. We are currently raising $2 million in seed funding with 40% closed. We are identifying our final set of investors to reach our goal.

BrightUro logo

Harnessing the regenerative power of fat, the largest source of stem cells

Sayenza Biosciences

Sayenza Bio is a leading clinical stage biotechnology company committed to improving patient lives by harnessing the regenerative power of fat, the body’s largest source of stem cells, for limitless aesthetic and regenerative medicine applications. At Sayenza, our passionate, doctor-driven team unites cutting-edge scientific innovation with vast commercial expertise, propelling us towards transformative breakthroughs in healthcare.


Mitigating fall risks, empowering movement,
and enhancing bathroom safety

SedMed Inc

We’re committed to minimizing falls and injuries for older adults and individuals with disabilities, reducing healthcare worker strain, and cutting costs linked to toilet-related accidents. Unlike conventional deadlift devices, we empower the user to control up to 80% of their weight during the sit-to-stand transition, fostering muscle engagement and reducing orthopedic strain. Operating without electricity, our device offers unparalleled reliability and accessibility, ensuring a worry-free experience. SedMed isn’t just a paradigm shift; it’s a transformative approach to bathroom mobility, prioritizing safety, independence, and genuine progress.


BrightUro logo

We build novel stabilization technology to improve hand tremors


Steadiwear aspires to become the world’s foremost authority in tremor solutions. Leveraging the success of our transformative product, the Steadi-Two, they are enhancing the quality of life & independence of those battling hand tremors. Their expanded groundbreaking product lineup includes the miniaturized Steadi-Three & Steadi-Cup. By pushing technological boundaries and providing personalized care, they aim to elevate the everyday experiences of their users globally. Their team is well equipped to tackle this problem with 50+ years of experience across business and product development. Steadiwear is 20% committed on their pre-seed equity round of $1.2M.

BrightUro logo

Swiftsure provides nursing tools that improve efficiency and patient outcomes.


Swiftsure provides nurses with tools that improve efficiency and patient outcomes. Our flagship product, The SwishKit, is designed to reduce harmful colonization of oral bacteria to decrease ventilator-acquired pneumonia, the most common, costly, and fatal of all ICU hospital-acquiredventilator-acquired infections.


Taurus Vascular is pioneering a new era of aortic aneurysm treatment

Taurus Vascular

Taurus Vascular is a Houston-based medical device company developing a novel lechnology to reduce the risk and impact of endoleaks after endovascular aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR). Endoleaks remain the most severe complication of EVAR, impacting up to 50% of patients. If left untreated, endoleaks can result in life-threatening rupture of the aorta. With our technology, a nitinol stent is implanted between the aneurysm sac and a nearby vein, allowing for continuous drainage of endoleaks following EVAR and eliminating the need for reintervention. Representing a significant improvement over the current standard of care, Taurus Vascular’s technology will allow patients to live longer, healthier lives after abdominal aortic aneurysm repair.


Developing a long-term solution to
current and future outbreaks of CoV


TechImmune’s universal Coronavirus vaccine is unique, a multi antigen approach to induce both antibodies and T cells. This distinguishes our vaccine from other vaccines that use just the Spike antigen and that focus only on neutralizing antibodies. Our novel vaccine approach, a preemptive shield, makes the difference resulting in protection from all variants of the Coronavirus, targeting the past and current pandemics, and most important preventing future pandemics.


 Improving the quality of life and care
for heart-lung bypass patients.

Total Flow Medical

Total Flow Medical’s mission is to improve the length and quality of life for heart surgery and life support patients. Our first product is a cannula for cardiopulmonary bypass, used during minimally invasive heart surgery. Costing the US healthcare system an estimate $1B per year, standard cannula can block blood flow in patients’ legs- leading to ischemic limb conditions, amputation and even death. With our patented solutions, we plan to become the standard of care in femoral cannulation to treat the 100k US patients per year. Designed by clinicians, our easy-to-use solutions do not interrupt clinical workflow and help surgeons to take care of their patients’ limbs and lives.


Vena Medical is providing physicians with the world’s smallest camera to help them treat stroke

Vena Medical

Vena Medical is providing physicians with the next generation of neurovascular products, including the world’s smallest camera, that allow them to pull clots out on the first try, every time. Vena Medical just launched its first product, the Vena Balloon Distal Access Catheter to remove clots from stroke victims and the results from our first cases have shown a clear improvement over the gold standard in physicians key metric, removing clots on the first try 64% of the time compared to only 44%.


Vessl’s mission is to make a fulfilling life more comfortable.

Vessl Prosthetics Inc.

Vessl Prosthetics Inc was founded by two passionate innovators, a biomedical engineer and a clinical anatomist. Driven to improve the lives of amputees, Vessl has designed the isoform socket for below-knee amputees. This automatically adjusting socket eliminates the need for constant manual adjustments, saving time and money for both amputees and prosthetists. Vessl is collaborating on product validation with 5 Veterans Affairs healthcare centers. With a mission to enhance the comfort and potential of amputees, Vessl is revolutionizing the prosthetics industry, supported by a successful pre-seed funding round, a robust clinic pipeline, and a team of exceptional advisors.


 Fastest time-to-value
identity governance solution


YouAttest® is the fastest “Time-to-Value” identity governance (IGA) solution – delivering an automated, cloud-based audit tool for zero trust security and compliance to key markets: Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Defense of Government.

Pitch On The Main Stage

The Forum will host our annual Capital & Growth Presentations. One of the ways the Forum highlights innovation is through the presenting companies showcasing their cutting-edge ideas and products during the pitch sessions. All companies will receive:

  • Pitch opportunity of your company’s innovation to our ecosystem
  • Facilitating targeted, one-on-one investor interactions during the event for immediate capital opportunities
  • Presenting company logo and recognition on Octane’s Medical Innovation Forum website
  • Company executive summary and info included in event app
  • Presenting company logo and recognition on an email campaign sent to prospective attendees and sponsors prior to the event
  • Custom social media post for sponsor posting
  • Access to the entire Forum as well as recorded content

Presenting at OMIF provided an amazing platform to showcase our company to serious investors, VC’s and strategic partners. I cannot overstate how outstanding the experience was from start to finish. From pre-event coaching to “game day” execution the octane team provided MACH32 with an unparalleled opportunity to reach international investors in an active health tech hub!

Dr. Marc Curial, MD, CCFP-EM - Founder, Co-CEO, MACH32

The great support of Joseph Wyno and the Octane team immediately pays off: Implandata won the Med-Tech World Start-Up pitch against fierce competition against other digital health companies from Europe and North America. Joseph’s help in improving the company story and pitch was extremely instrumental for this success.

Max Ostermeier, CEO & Founder, Implandata Ophthalmic Products

The Octane Medical Innovation Forum (OMIF) is more than an opportunity to meet customers and investors. The coaching team and effort the group puts into helping companies be “pitch ready” is the real game changer. Joseph Wyno and the team of LaunchPad consultants helped us tell our story more effectively which has generated more interest in investing in our company. I would highly encourage companies to participate in this amazing event.”

Dr. Karen Cross, CEO, Mimosa Dx

Octane Supported Companies are 17x More Likely to Get Funded!

Octane’s accelerator is an award-winning accelerator focused on accelerating tech and medtech startups that have their management and business plan in place. One of the most valuable offerings from Octane’s accelerator and Capital & Growth resources is our predictive analytics, which provides detailed quantitative analytics into a company’s future success.

2022 Startup Showcase Presenting Companies


Fast, Private, and Secure Blockchain-based Telehealth platform. For Everyone’s Wellness and Illness

Catalyst Robotics

Bringing Healthcare to Your Doorstep. No Matter Where You Are.


Empowering physicians, manufacturers, and hospitals to do more with less with its Modular
Catheter technology.

CVAC Systems, Inc.

Developer of the patented Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning™ (CVAC™) Technology

Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH

Our eyemate® system offers eye care specialists proactive and personalized therapy guidance at glaucoma patients. 

Indian Wells Medical, Inc.

Developing proprietary steerable catheter technology platforms for interventional cardiology markets.


Hyper-accelerate drug and medical device development through in silico trials executed on our platform.

JAL Therapeutics

Preclinical drug development for Alzheimer’s and other related chronic diseases.

Mycrodose Therapeutics Inc.

Mycrodose Therapeutics Inc. is pharmaceutical company developing advanced drug delivery (ADD) systems utilizing DEA Schedule I & III drugs to treat cancer related conditions, mental health, and cognitive degenerative diseases.


NERD BIO is a drug discovery technology company focused on decoding challenging drug targets with the ultimate goal to discover new cures for diseases with high unmet need. 


Neuraura’s mission is to unlock safe and effective treatments for brain-related disorders.


NuEnerchi a pain management and treatment medical device that accelerates healing

NZ Technologies

Democratizing contactless interactions for the healthcare industry and beyond.

PionEar Technologies, Inc.

Innovative bioinspired solutions for medical devices


Polybiomics is revolutionizing the analysis of live cells


Data and analysis for pediatric chronic complex conditions


The marketplace for pharmacists, bringing transparency to medication procurement


The World’s First Technology to Detect, Decontaminate and Scientifically Verify Cleanliness in Seconds

Single Pass

Single Pass is a pre-revenue seed stage medical device company.


SkinHappy – Direct to Consumer TeleDermatology Experience meeting physical + emotional needs.

Trillen Medical

Trillen Medical is pioneering wearable neuromodulation forneurological disorders, including migraine


XENSE INC, First MetaTMCT medical imaging and AI company

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