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The Future of Ophthalmology

July 8-10, 2021


2021 is a Hybrid Event, at Balboa Bay Resort & Livestream

Join industry, key opinion leaders, and top ophthalmologists who are determining the future of the field at Octane’s Ophthalmology Technology Summit (OTS). The event is held annually in Orange County, the center for Ophthalmology in the US.

Ophthalmology Tech Summit 2021 is July 8-10 in Newport Beach, CA.

Virtual Features at OTS 2021

Livestream & On-Demand Access

Conference attendees will be able to access our leading content from Ophthalmology Technology Summit through our livestream or through our content library at any time. 

Virtual & Engaging Networking

We’re expanding the capability of our event app to allow you to connect and network with other attendees from across the country with designated networking spaces and community forums with live polling and Q&A. 

Who Should Be There

Ophthalmologists & KOLs

As a leader in the feild, discover innovation, see company’s pitch and learn from top  leaders in the industry.  

Leading Industry

Engage with ophthalmologists, KOLs, industry leaders and see entrepreneurs pitch their companies.

Ophthalmology Focused Entrepreneurs & Investors

Discover ophthalmology innovation as Launchpad Companies pitch their startups to the audience, doctors and investors. 

Sponsor Ophthalmic Innovation

Increase your companies visibility among top doctors, entrepreneurs and investors in Southern California. Gain access to this exclusive conference that will give your company increased exposure to the top luminaries in Ophthalmology.  

Ophthalmology Technology Summit Committee

John Hovanesian, MD, FACS

Private Practice, Harvard Eye Associates, Laguna Hills, CA Clinical Faculty, UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Jim Mazzo

Chairman of the Board Octane, Advisor ZEISS, Executive Chairman Avellino,  Advisor Bain Capital

Ehsan Sadri, MD, FACS

Visionary Eye Institute

Elizabeth Yeu, MD

Partner, Virginia Eye Consultants

Highlighted Past Attending KOLs

Abby Liu MD

Adam Brenner MD

Adi Smith MD

Akhilesh Singh MD

Akira Hashimoto MD

Alena Reznik MD

Alexander Anetakis, MD, MBA

Ali Cohen MD

Alice Epitropoulos MD

Amanda Cook MD

Ankur Gupta MD, MBA

Anna Fakadej, MD, MBA

Anthony Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, MS

Arun Joseph MD

Arusha Gupta MD

Ashley Brissette, MD, MSC, FRCSC

Ayman Matta MD

Betty Kampman MD

Blake Williamson, MD, MPH, MS

Brent Michael MD

Bret Fisher MD

Bud  Kurwa MD

c Azamian, MD, PhD

Carl Rosen, MA, MD

Carlos Buznego MD

Carrie Zaslow MD

Catherine Cox MD

Charles Blotnick MD

Christine Talamini MD

Constance Okeke, MD, MSCE

Curt LaBelle, MD

Daniel Chao MD, PHD

Daniel Whipple MD

David Almeida MD MBA PhD

David Goldman MD

Dawn De Castro MD

Denise Visco MD

Donna Esposito MD

Donna Kim MD

Douglas Koch MD

Dr. Stephanie Becker-Staudt MD

Edmund Tsui MD

Ehsan Sadri, MD, FACS

Elizabeth Martin MD

Elizabeth Yeu, MD

Erika Wandel MD

Eva Liang MD

Farhan Irshad MD

Farrell “Toby” Tyson, MD, FACS

Francis Price, Jr. MD

Gil Kilman MD

Grant Lee MD

Gregory Katz MD

Ike Ezon MD

Inna Ozerov MD

Jack Chapman MD

Jackie Mandell MD

Jai Parekh, MD, MBA, FAAO

James Chelnis MD

James Katz MD

Jamie Ikeda MD

Jason Bacharach MD

Jeff Horn MD

Jeffrey Whitman MD

Jennifer Danesh MD

Jennifer Loh MD

Jerry Hu MD

Joan Kim MD

Joel Schuman MD

John Davidson MD

John Berdahl, MD

John Hovanesian, MD, FACS

Judith Bostin MD PhD

Judy Kim MD

Karen Saland MD

Karl Stonecipher MD

Kate Lane MD

Keith Walter MD

Kelly Nichols MD

Kendall Donaldson MD

Kevin Bowman MD

Kevin Everett MD

Kristi Lin MD

Krzysztof Palczewski PhD

Laura Hall MD

Laura Magnuson MD

Laura M Periman MD

Lawrence Woodard MD

Leslie Garay MD

Leslie O’Dell MD

Lingo Lai MD

Lisa Feulner MD

Lisa Nijm MD, JD

Lucy Zhang MD

Maggie Hymowitz MD

Marc Ullman MD

Maria Scott MD

Marian Macsai MD

Mark Mescher MD

Mark Kontos, MD

Martin Rescorle MD

Matilda Chan, MD, PhD

Matt Wade MD

Matthew Gewirtz MD

Melinda Hakim MD

Melinda Hsia

Melissa Barnett MD

Michael Greenwood MD

Michael Kermani MD

Mirwat Sami MD

Mitchell Jackson MD

Mitul Mehta MD

Monica Patel MD

Mrunalini  Parvataneni MD

Muna Ahmad, MD

My Le Shaw MD

Nadeem Vaidya MD

Neeti  Parikh MD

Neha Sangal MD

Neil Friedman MD

Nisha Nagarkatti-Gude MD

Oat Sinchai MD

Omer Gal MD

P Dee Stephenson MD

Parag Majmudar MD

Parisa Emami, MD, MPH

Patricia Nelson MD

Paul Chen MD

Paul Karpecki MD

Paul Mann MD

Philip  Ngai MD

Poonam Doshi MD


Quentin Allen MD

Rahul Bhola MD, MBA

Raj K. Goyal MD

Ravi Menghani MD

Reena Garg MD

Renee Bovelle MD

Richard Rosen MD

Richard Tipperman MD

Richard Lindstrom, MD

Robert Cionni MD

Ronald Krueger MD

Ruchita Amin MD

Sam Garg MD

Sam Lim MD

Sam  Nemirovsky MD

Scott LaBorwit MD

Sean Ianchulev, MD, MPH

Selina Lin MD

Shane Havens MD

Shani Reich MD

Sheila Mahdaviani MD

Shilpi Pradhan MD

Stephen Wexler MD

Steve Charles MD

Steven Vold MD

Sumitra Khandelwal MD

Susannah Rowe MD

Tania Lamba MD

Ted Leng MD

Teri Kleinberg MD

Thanos Papakostas MD

Trudy Ramjattan MD

Tyrie Lee Jenkins MD

Usha Rao MD

Valerie Trubnik MD

Vance Thompson MD

Vandana Reddy MD

Veronica Kon Graversen MD

Walt Whitley MD

William Freeman MD

William Trattler MD

William Wiley MD

Refund Policy

If you purchased a ticket prior to Ophthalmology Technology Summit going virtual, you’re able to transfer your in-person ticket to a virtual ticket and we’ll refund you the difference. View our full refund and exchange policy here.

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