Fostering Opportunities
for Students in STEAM

STEAM Fellows

The STEAM Fellows program provides practical, real-world experiences that encourage students to learn and explore jobs, careers, and entrepreneurship opportunities. This experience delivers an interactive program that fosters career and workplace readiness and inspires an inter-generational culture of purposeful leadership. Participation includes access to Octane medtech and tech events, subject matter experts, webinars, and invitations to partner events opening the door to Orange County’s innovation ecosystem.

The STEAM Fellows program is made possible by generous funding from Broadcom Foundation.

Octane Non-Profit Accelerator First Cohort

Empowering the career & giving access to entrepreneur and leadership pathways for diverse STEAM students.

Creating New Pathways

We are providing opportunities and experiences for STEAM Students by focusing on:

Access to Networking

Connecting more under-represented STEAM students with Orange County networks, jobs and companies. Greater access creates greater opportunity for all.

Access to Innovation

Keep promising young talent and the innovation they inspire in Orange County is essential to growing and sustaining an ever-evolving ecosystem and generating new jobs.

If you want to mentor a student or share your experience or job opportunity, please get involved with this initiative.

Access to Talent

A diverse STEAM talent pool benefits existing companies in Orange County while creating job and career opportunities for STEAM students.

Get involved by providing an opportunity to intern.

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