Presenting Companies 

To pitch at OC Innovation Week 2025, apply to pitch below. 

Thrivelab – 2023 Judge’s Choice Award Recipient

Smerf – 2023 People’s Choice Award Recipient

2024 Main Stage Presenting Companies

at Tech Innovation Forum | May 2 @ AV Irvine

Presented by K&L Gates


Guac is a savings and rewards platform that strengthens bank partnerships and enhances customer engagement.

Guac is a savings & rewards platform that our bank and B2B enterprise partners use to create a deeper bond with their customers while significantly reducing costs and driving sales. Guac delivers real value to our bank partners and their members by offering engaging ways to build savings, credit and reap rewards while simultaneously building deposits for each bank partner.


Embedded connected wound care technology


Non-invasive imaging device embedded within wound care dressings with wireless enabled connected digital tech to provide on-demand images, sensor and data analytics for clinicians to monitor the healing process of acute and chronic wounds remotely.


YouAttest is the fastest time-to-value identity governance solution.

IGA (Identity Governance and Administration)

YouAttest® is the fastest “Time-to-Value” identity governance (IGA) solution – delivering an automated, cloud-based audit tool for zero trust security and compliance to key markets: Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Defense of Government.


Zuno Medical's Smart Container is designed to increase surgical revenue.


Zuno Medical, a Silicon Valley-based medical device company, has a market-ready Smart Container designed to increase surgical revenue, a $790B market. Zuno Smart Containers mitigate costly delays and cancellations by eliminating compromised surgical instrument sets from entering the Operating Room.

2024 Fast Pitch Companies

at Fast Pitch | April 30 @ UCI Beall Applied Innovation

Presented by Insperity


SaaS Specialty Medical Office Management and Electronic Medical Record software.


4D EMR is the next evolution of electronic medical record and practice management software for private practice specialty medical offices. 4D EMR provides anywhere, anytime access through any PC, Mac or mobile device. Our software allows offices to streamline operations and improve the clinical experience of patients, staff, and doctors.


Auctus is solving the problem of adolescent scoliosis.


Commercializing a motion preserving scoliosis treatment implant that can be non-invasively adjusted so that children with scoliosis can continue their activities and lead a normal life


Bringing next-generation precision cell therapy to the bedside


Cellecho Biotech is dedicated to advancing next-generation precision cell and gene therapies, with the goal of delivering innovative treatments directly to patients. Cellecho has developed proprietary micro- and nanotechnologies that successfully overcome these significant limitations. 




CDR3 Therapeutics pioneers stem cell gene immunotherapy to combat virus-associated cancers, targeting HPV, herpesviruses, and Hepatitis B. With promising preclinical results, the company aims to revolutionize cancer treatment, starting with HPV-associated cancers, and seeks to establish itself as a leader in stem cell gene immunotherapy.


Software as a service accelerating the energy transition with EV fast charging and renewable energy infrastructure.


With no upfront investment required, we customize EV charging configurations to fit your site’s size and layout. By incorporating solar energy and battery storage, we reduce utility costs while tapping into local incentives for underserved communities. Our strategically located charging stations provide fast charging options.


Efficient, low power and scalable propulsion system for small satellites


CISGAM manufactures electrospray propulsion systems that cover the needs of the SmallSat industry using MEMS. CISGAM manufactures compact arrays of thousands of emitters on silicon to process the power harvested by the spacecraft from the sun and available for propulsion. 


Coronavax is a Biotech developing an immuno therapeutic for Long COVID


Biotechnology company operating in virtual mode to develop preventative and therapeutic vaccines for COVI/Long COVID.


Transforming soft tissue surgery with next generation devices preventing surgery failure.


Deep Blue is transforming soft tissue surgery by developing next generation surgical devices to prevent soft tissue surgery failure.  Our soft tissue surgery platform utilizes integrally knit mesh extensions and flat sutures that distribute and reduce tension at the surgical site to reduce cheesewiring, reduce pain, and provide a quick, convenient surgical approach.


Revolutionizing EVs with cobalt-free batteries for sustainability without compromise.


Entropyc Energy pioneers cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries, specializing in advanced cathode materials to revolutionize electric vehicles. We extend mileage per charge, prolonged battery life, affordability, and unparalleled safety standards, ensuring EVs perform optimally while minimizing environmental impact.


We are reducing operational costs of in-space labor by 100x


Our vision is to make space labor safe and affordable, cutting costs by 100x. As a leader in robotics for space applications, we serve top private space firms and the US government. Our dual-use technology has proven successful both on Earth and in space. We recently completed the OSAM demonstration on the ISS and have been awarded the robotics portion of DARPA’s LunA-10 lunar project.

Prima-Logo is centralizing the data of the dental world and using Gen. AI creating perfect dental insurance claims for providers around the US and beyond.

MEDTECH is centralizing the data of the dental world and using Gen. AI creating perfect dental insurance claims for providers around the US and beyond.


A convenient and sustainable way of making Plant-Based Milk.


GROWUP is the first automated Plant-Based Milk Maker that can extract nine kinds of plant-based milk. This is the most convenient way to produce clean and nutritious plant-based milk without losing vitamins and minerals in the process. Our patent-pending technology uses vacuum and filtration to produce creamy and ready-to-drink milk in up to 6 minutes.


Claim, Create and Monetize Your AI Twin and Identity with Hollo.AI


Hollo.AI is enabling users to create, monetize, and safeguard their AI Twin and Identity. Within 60 seconds, users can generate an AI Twin that mirrors their own thoughts and speech, offering a seamless entry into the AI market. The platform’s multilingual chatbot speaks 29 languages, providing personalized interactions globally. 


Patented climate technology that saves water and generates renewable energy.


Revenue generating, renewable energy company that has developed a patented system that generates electricity from the flow of water in pipelines. This is a predictable, consistent, dispatchable source of energy that is ideal for urban environments or places where the sun and wind are intermittent. The US market is estimated to be $30B.


Advancing home security with cutting-edge AI technology integration and innovation.


Leveraging the latest advancements in AI, machine learning, and computer vision, Irvinei has developed a state-of-the-art home security system that sets new standards in protection and peace of mind. Our system intelligently analyzes data from multiple sensors, cameras, and devices to proactively detect and respond to potential threats, intrusions, or emergencies.


Comprehensive platform helping to reduce the childcare crisis in America.

Comprehensive platform helping to reduce the childcare crisis in America.


Makani Science developed a bandage-sized wireless, wearable respiratory monitor.


Makani Science innovates a small, wireless respiratory monitor with unique stretch sensor technology. It measures vital breathing parameters in real time, offering distinct advantages over competitors. From NICU to home use, it taps into an untapped home respiratory monitoring market.


Niraxx offers wearable brain wellness devices using Photobiomodulation technology.


Niraxx specializes in neurotechnology and wearable brain wellness devices. Affiliated with Harvard University Medical School, Niraxx’s technology has been tested in clinical trials for conditions such as depression (MDD), ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults, and ASD in children and adolescents. 


Outset is a SaaS platform that delivers predictable revenue attainment.


Available today, Outset is an AI-based application that enables effective plan development, visibility into future revenue streams, and growth levers for corrective action. It is purpose-built for the entire leadership team to align and deliver successfully on revenue targets, creating enterprise value.


Sapphire Technologies is a clean energy technology company that develops and manufactures energy recovery systems.


A clean energy technology company develops turboexpanders to reduce carbon footprints. Their patented FreeSpin In-line Turboexpander converts wasted energy into electricity, aiding rapid decarbonization for pipeline operators. This innovative solution generates cash flow, tax benefits, and drives the transition to cleaner energy sources.


Remote medical devices ensure quicker, cost-effective patient recovery.


Think Healthy (BAX-U inc.) is developing medical devices with remote patient monitoring and televising to help faster recovery with less cost for patient, insured and physician.


Small wearable device that monitors blood pressure continously


Vena Vitals makes a small wearable device that monitors blood pressure continuously. We’ve completed our clinical studies with over 300 patients in the operating room, and we’re now preparing our FDA 510(k) package to be submitted this summer.  We’re backed by YC and a number of prominent VCs and founders such as Jerry Yang.


Veera is changing the landscape of support for motherhood


Avira Health is a femtech company that has patented and designed a novel feeding device to help women and infants overcome breastfeeding obstacles they face from birth forward. 


Luxury drinking water experience, with high quality, great tasting, and natural spring water delivered in a premium eco friendly bottle.


Whatrr delivers a luxury drinking water experience, with high quality, great tasting, and natural spring water delivered in a premium eco friendly bottle.


Developing sympathetic denervation catheter system to treat hypertension and diabetes.


ZeptoMed is developing the thinnest and most flexible endovascular sympathetic denervation catheter system. Its simple open/close mechanism maintains optimal contact force to ensure more efficient, safer, and faster sympathetic denervation. ZeptoMed differentiates itself from others by targeting both renal and hepatic denervation with the same device.

Auctus Surgical, Inc. is developing a non-fusion dynamic vertebral body tethering system to treat pediatric scoliosis.

Avira Health Incorporated is revolutionizing motherhood support with a patented feeding device. Launching in 2024 with FDA Class II clearance, it allows simultaneous feeding and pumping, tracking milk intake on a mobile device. More innovations are in the pipeline to enhance postpartum care.

CDR3 Therapeutics pioneers stem cell gene immunotherapy for HPV, herpesviruses, and Hepatitis B cancers. By integrating CARs/TCRs into HSCs, they offer long-lasting T cells, reducing costs and expanding treatment potential. With strong preclinical results, they aim to lead in stem cell gene therapy, starting with HPV cancers.

ChargeNet is a Hardware-agnostic SaaS platform that optimizes EV chargers and renewable energy to turn parking lots into profit centers.

CISGAM is an efficient, low power and scalable propulsion system for small satellites.

Coronavax Inc. is developing a therapeutic vaccine for treatment of Long COVID & prevention of breakthrough infections with mutant strains of SARS-2

Deep Blue is transforming soft tissue surgery through next-gen devices with optimal tissue tension, reinforcement & defect closure.

Element6 Dynamics uses domestically grown, industrial-grade hemp to address supply chain challenges, rising material costs and Scope 3 emissions.  

Entropyc Energy pioneers the future of energy storage with groundbreaking cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries. 

Hammock Greens is a Hyper Local Agri-Tech Park that utilizes controlled environment agriculture (CEA) to grow fresh leafy greens within the marketplace. is empowering individuals from all walks of life to create their own personalized AI twins, fostering authentic connections and innovative interactions.

InPipe Energy has developed the HydroXS, a patented energy recovery system that produces low-cost, carbon-free energy from water pipelines to improve the efficiency of water and power delivery.

Makani Sciences has created the world’s first wireless patch that can accurately and continuously monitor breathing.

Sapphire Technologies is driving global decarbonization by developing and manufacturing energy recovery systems that harness the power of gas expansion to produce reliable and clean electricity.

Vena Vitals make wearable stickersthat monitor blood pressure continuously.

Whatrr delivers a luxury drinking water experience, with high quality, great tasting, and natural spring water delivered in a premium eco-friendly bottle that breaks down faster than any other bottle.

Zepto-Med  is developing a Sympathetic Denervation System for Hypertension and Type-2 Diabetes.

Benefits for Presenting Companies

These companies have the opportunity to either pitch live on the main stage at Tech Innovation Forum at AV Irvine or Fast Pitch at UCI Beall Applied Innovation and enjoy:
  • Pitch opportunity of your company’s innovation to our ecosystem 
  • Presenting company logo and recognition on Octane’s Forum website 
  • Exposure to investors within the Octane ecosystem
  • Coaching and mentoring prior to the pitch
  • Complimentary ticket to attend Tech Innovation Forum
  • Company executive summary and info included in event app
  • Presenting company logo and recognition on an email campaign sent to prospective attendees and sponsors prior to the event
  • Free press kit with custom social media post for promotions 
  • Ongoing social media coverage
  • Comprehesive Access to the entire Innovation Week, offering valuable networking opportunities, insightful sessions, and recorded content.

Who Should Apply?

We’re looking for innovative, diverse, passionate companies that are:
  • Early-stage companies in the Tech, Clean Tech, and Med Tech sectors
  • Possess groundbreaking technology or innovative solutions
  • Actively seeking capital investment
  • Startups at the seed to series A funding stages

    2023 Main Stage Presenting Companies

    Bored & Thirsty

    Thirst-quenching canvas for promoting branded art and creativity projects


    Infinite monetization of digital goods for creators and true ownership for buyers.

    Integrated Medical Sensors

    IMS is creating a platform for monitoring blood chemistry for health tracking. 


    Smerf connects and elevates online gaming with revolutionary social infrastructure.


    Award-winning disruptive music publishing platform with generative AI innovations.


    Thrivelab is an AI driven virtual clinic and online pharmacy in the anti-aging space.


    AI software that makes virtualizing the world as easy as recording video.

    Previous Fast Pitch Presenting Companies

    Aesthetics Card

    Fintech for Medical Aesthetics with elite business rewards credit card.

    AiTmed Inc

    Aitmed’s Blockchain|AI Digital health Platform services everyone at anywhere and anytime for the Illness and Wellness needed.

    Apsy Inc.

    First AI-Powered App Builder, Just Speak your Mind to Build Your App!

    BuildEffective Inc.

    Revolutionizing Renovations and Construction with Centralized Planning,Communication, and Collaboration.


    EDEN introduces Cellyfill, a sustainable alternative to Polyurethane foam cushioning.


    Efficient, low power and scalable propulsion system for small satellites

    Shop Social Scenes / Creator Business Solutions Inc

    Stay tuned for more info on Creator Business Solutions Inc!

    Drake Precision Optics, Inc.

    B2B supplier of medical laser delivery optical designs and fabrication.


    Deploying our CircularEV products to electrify used trucks to new!

    Flick Power

    Patented energy savings and messaging platform for apartment communities.


    Track food trucks in real time, order ahead, skip line.


    Mission oriented family first cybersecurity powered by machine learning

    Hago Energetics Benefit Corporation

    We generate inexpensive clean hydrogen from waste organic materials.

    Hemorai Inc

    Reliable acute home monitoring, reducing costs, expanding healthcare access.

    KYG Trade, Inc.

    The World’s First Trade Attestation Platform and Marketplace™

    Love My Delta, Inc.


    Gamifies saving energy using real-time utility data and behavior science. 

    Poppy Life Care

    Integrated holistic mental health and wellness clinic anytime, anywhere.

    Pretika MedTech

    Emerging tech company innovating non-invasive connectedcare monitoring wound caremonitoring technology.

    RCAM Technologies

    Revolutionizing renewable energy through digital design and automated concrete manufacturing.


    ReJoule maximizes the value of batteries with its diagnostic platform.

    RX Place

    The marketplace for pharmacists, bringing transparency to medication procurement.

    Sayenza Biosciences

    Harnessing the regenerative power of fat, the largest source of stem cells

    Sensoriis, Inc.

    Sensoriis develops Innovative Sensors and Systems for Biomedical Applications

    Performance Resource Management

    Restoring soil on farms, golf courses, and professional sports fields


    SquidTek is a cutting-edge, thermoregulatory technology, inspired by squids’ skin, that
    modulates temperature in a vast range of applications.

    Stimcore Medical Devices

    Stimcore- Addressing sleep disorder with cutting-edge non-invasive wearables utilizing bioelectric medicine.


    Stirlingshire is improving Asset Management for both Clients and Advisors.

    A Selection of Investors Attending OC Innovation Week

    20-20 Advisors
    Altalunas Intl
    Ankona Capital
    Auctus Global Capital
    BOLD Capital Partners
    Bonfire VC
    breathe with b
    Broadline Capital
    CEO Advisor, Inc.
    CerraCap Ventures
    Cerulean Ventures
    Cove Fund
    Digitize Your Brand
    First Rays Ventures
    Fractional Founders
    Hamamatsu Ventures USA
    Hangar 75 Ventures
    Heller Agency
    Invisionate, LLC
    Keiretsu Forum SoCal
    Metz Capital & Hangar 75
    New Age Ventures
    OC Startup Council
    Okapi Venture Capital
    Pasadena Angels
    Pismo Ventures
    Praetorian Venture Partners, N.A. LLC
    Princeton Technology, Inc.
    Qral Ventures
    Real Estate
    RiverVest Venture Partners
    Safe Kids Inc.
    Softeq Ventures
    Startup Steroid
    Sunstone Management Inc.
    Tech Coast Angels


    TechFlex Development
    The Innovation Institute
    TiE SoCal Angels
    UBS Financial Services, Inc
    UCI Beall Applied Innovation
    Uptech Studio
    ZGL Group, Inc.

         and Many More!

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