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Are you a pioneer in the aesthetics tech industry, ready to shine in the spotlight? Octane’s Aesthetics Tech Forum is your platform to showcase your innovation, gain exposure, and secure support to accelerate your growth.

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Spiderwort, Inc – Judge’s Choice Award Recipient

Yuva BioSciences – People’s Choice Award Recipient

Why You Should Apply to Present:

  1. Access to the Industry Elite: The Aesthetics Tech Forum brings together top physicians, entrepreneurs, and investors in the field. This is your chance to make connections and receive feedback from the industry’s most influential players.
  2. Visibility and Credibility: Pitching at our Forum not only puts your company in the spotlight but also boosts your credibility. Gain recognition from peers, investors, and potential partners.
  3. Mentorship and Resources: Selected companies will have the opportunity to meet with Octane’s Capital Assist & LaunchPad SBDC Accelerator teams, offering mentorship, resources, and a clear path to growth.
Get ready for a dynamic showcase of innovation! Cutting-edge companies take the main stage to unveil groundbreaking solutions in the ever-evolving aesthetics industry. Investors, startups, and industry experts, this is your opportunity to witness the future of healthcare firsthand.
What makes this event even more exciting? You, the audience, at the Forum, get to decide the winner of the People’s Choice Award, while our esteemed panel of judges selects the Judge’s Choice Award. It’s not just about watching innovation; it’s about being an active part of it!

2023 Presenting Companies


Lumisque Skincare presents CO2Lift, a medical-grade brand of super hydrating treatments that delivers Carbon Dioxide to lift, tighten and regenerate the skin. Two transdermal carboxy products featured: CO2Lift Pro, a facial and body treatment mask, and CO2LiftV an at-home vulva/vaginal treatment that helps to lessen the symptoms which are due to inadequate lubrication and lowered estrogen levels, without pain nor downtime. It helps improve natural lubrication and increase sensation during sex. The CO2liftPro and CO2LiftV are used as stand-alone or in combination with procedures that will improve results and reduce downtime.

Presenter: Lana Kerr, CEO

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RealizeMD – an AI-driven medical visual data platform based on real results – Real Results Anonymized. Our proprietary algorithms (Anonymizer, Realizer, Verifier) enable privacy preserving visualization, allowing clinics to use ‘before & after’ visuals of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures while safeguarding patient’s privacy. Our Platform will dramatically increase the candidate participation rates in plastic surgery, dental and medical aesthetics procedures, using AI-based visualization. We’re creating a new language for visual results, by liberating highly regulated visual data. Founded in April 2020 by industry veterans, we’ve released 2 MVPs, RealizeMD SHOW and ANALYZE. We’re looking to raise our Seed/A round to expand development and market penetration.

Presenter: Uri Neeman, CEO

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Spiderwort is a biomaterials company that develops cellulose-based scaffolds for use in regenerative medicine. Its proprietary biomaterial platform consists of the isolation and manufacturing of a repertoire of unique, plant tissue-derived microstructures matching target tissue extracellular matrix structure. A leading application for these biomaterials includes soft tissue augmentation for aesthetic enhancement. Spiderwort aims to disrupt the dermal filler market through the introduction of CelluJuve TM, a long-lasting dermal filler for nasolabial fold remediation and mid-cheek applications (acne scar filling, lipoatrophy). Another core application for these biomaterials is in spinal cord injury (SCI) repair, where Spiderwort’s CelluBridge TM product received a Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA.

Presenter: Stephen Hanson, PhD, MBA, Director of Business Development

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StimuSIL is the non-invasive alternative to hair transplantation. It uses a patented medical device to deliver photobiostimulation directly to the hair follicle.

The treatment is completely non-invasive, aiming to be competitive with today’s treatments. It is a painless lunchtime procedure, offering aesthetic clinics a new revenue line for existing and new customers.

The untreated hair regrowth market is larger than the treated market, due to the lack of treatments that are both convenient and effective. StimuSIL will be to hair transplants what Botox® has been for facelifts – a non-invasive option that drastically grows the market.

StimuSIL will go to market in 2024, aiming to become the leader in the $300bn hair regrowth market.

Presenter: Pablo Villalba, President

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Syntr Health Technologies

Syntr’s premise is to harness the power of the patient’s own fat tissue to treat aging-related conditions. The problem in the medical world today is that we have multiple solutions for each human ailment or condition versus a true platform technology that can target all at once. That is a major bottleneck to advancing the world of medicine and medical aesthetics. Syntr Health Technologies provides the only FDA-cleared automated platform technology to process a patient’s own fat tissue to aid in healing and rejuvenation.

Presenter: Ahmed Zobi, CEO

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TissueForm is passionate about improving life for people with volumetric tissue loss. TissueForm advances novel extracellular matrix-based biomaterials to address clinical problems in plastic surgery and regenerative medicine. TissueForm’s first product, NatruDermeTM, is a dermal filler designed to mimic skin. It enters a $3.2B US filler market, where fillers are sold directly to providers. Today, patients who desire procedures for tissue loss using fillers must choose between products that are (1) natural but biologically inert and quickly degrading, or (2) semi-permanent but composed of plastic or synthetic materials. Instead, NatruDermeTM disrupts the tissue repair market by providing a natural and structural biomaterial that closely mimics skin, maximizes durability, minimizes swelling and migration, and is reversible. 

Presenter: Jeanne Barthold, Co-founder

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Yuva Biosciences, Inc.

YuvaBio is fighting aging, starting with hair and skin, by restoring mitochondrial function. Mitochondrial dysfunction is a key root cause of aging, and YuvaBio is solving this problem with a unique platform that identifies natural compounds that improve mitochondrial health. YuvaBio’s lead compound has already been licensed out and is already in clinical trials, and a pipeline of additional compounds is in place, generated with the help of our advanced AI model. Existing products address only the symptoms of skin and hair aging—it’s time to fight aging at the root cause through mitochondrial science!

Presenter: Greg Schmergel, CEO

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