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Announcing the presenting companies at Aesthetics Tech Forum 2023.

Hear Success Stories, featuring our 2020 Aesthetics Technology Summit LaunchPad Award Winner, PatientFi and 2021 presenter, Candesant Biomedical!

PatientFi CEO Todd Watts and Niquette Hunt, Founder & CEO, Candesant Biomedical will share their journeys and successes since presenting at Aesthetics Tech Forum. 

Presenting Companies

Accure Acne, Inc.

Accure Acne will disrupt the vast, global acne market with a unique, proprietary laser treatment delivering safe, long-lasting (durable) results. Co-Founded by Professor Rox Anderson, among the most influential scientists in the field of aesthetic energy-based devices, Accure has built a world-class team and strong IP portfolio. Accure’s unique laser wavelength (1726nm) selectively damages sebaceous glands, which are directly linked to acne production. This yields a drug-free, non-systemic, focal area treatment that reduces recurrence of inflammatory acne lesions in the treated areas. Accure has CE Mark clearance for the EU and is in the midst of its FDA Pivotal Trial.

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Acorn Biolabs

We have entered the era of regenerative medicine. Clients are leveraging their own cells for anti-aging skin and hair rejuvenation, in-patient trials are underway for cell and gene therapies, and scientists are developing solutions to grow organs on demand.
When it comes to these regenerative treatments, there’s a catch and generations alive today are at risk of missing out. As we age, so do our cells, and over time they lose their capability. Acorn has solved this problem, by allowing individuals to freeze their cells – stopping aging and disease – through its patented, safe, and non-invasive live-cell collection, analysis, and cryopreservation service.

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APX Platform

The Aesthetic Practice Accelerator (APX) is a one-of-a-kind cloud dashboard that uses the proven methodology of renowned practice consultant Terri Ross to convert your aesthetic practice into a data-driven business with ROI-focused employees.

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Elevai Labs Inc.

ELEVAI Labs utilizes a mixture of biochemical engineering and cutting edge stem cell culture expertise in a proprietary process to generate exosomes. ELEVAI exosomes provide proteins, peptides, and other bio molecules that support and nourish the skin.
By triggering our ultra pure umbilical derived stem cells in vitro, we can capture and concentrate the powerful natural factors they produce and apply them topically, supporting healthy, glowing, naturally balanced skin.
In combination with our ELEVAI exosomes, our topicals also utilize top quality, clinically proven skincare ingredients, including: bioavailable forms of vitamin C, aloe, copper peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Lastly, ELEVAI products are tested rigorously and quantitatively to verify efficacy and ensure confidence.

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LoveMyDelta, Inc

LoveMyDelta, Inc is a visual knowledge company. The modern world is awash in images, but documenting visual change amongst large populations of aesthetic consumers remains costly and time-consuming. This is largely due to two pain points: image capture and analysis of big data. LoveMyDelta provides a cloud-based software platform that leverages crowdsourcing and AI to provide analytical tools for partners in beauty and aesthetic medicine. The platform includes the LMD iOS app and the LMD web-based visual survey environment. These portals provide for standardized image capture, prompt data labeling, and rapid, cost-effective visual analysis.

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Rion Aesthetics is a regenerative medicine company, pioneering use of platelet exosomes for skin care and restorative clinical applications. Backed by over 15 years of visionary science, we aim to transform skincare through introduction of Plated™, leveraging the power of exosomes to address the most persistent skin challenges. Beyond skincare, Rion Aesthetics is pursuing FDA approval for Regenosomes, the first room temperature stable off-the-shelf regenerative exosome that drives soft tissue healing, with the ability to address unmet needs in aesthetics medicine for applications in hair loss, regenerative tissue fillers and topical nano-toxin technology.

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Quthero Inc.

At Quthero, we imagine the world where perfect skin healing were possible, like in babies and smaller organisms. Inspired by nature, after 15 years of scientific research we found a molecule that reactivates the same mechanisms of rapid healing in adult human skin cells. We are giving this molecule back to you in a bottle. With Q-peptide technology, down time after laser and microneedling procedures is a thing of the past. In a multi-site clinical trial, Quthero’s Rescue Treatment improved skin texture and reduced scabbing after the procedure by 2x compared to the standard, thereby minimizing redness and inflammation.

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Success Stories from LaunchPad Alumni

Patient Fi Logo - a FinTech Company, Octane LaunchPad Award Winner
Patient Fi Logo - a FinTech Company, Octane LaunchPad Award Winner
Patient Fi Logo - a FinTech Company, Octane LaunchPad Award Winner