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Octane Insights: A Conversation with Octane’s CEO & Director of Marketing & Strategy

Shaping the Future: Octane’s 2024 Vision for Innovation and Growth
In the latest edition of Octane Insights set in stunning Newport Beach, Natalie Matsumoto, Director of Marketing and Strategy at Octane, and Octane’s CEO, Bill Carpou sat down to shared a vision clear as the horizon: Octane’s future in nurturing Orange County’s ecosystem of innovation.
From discussing past successes to unveiling exciting future plans, the conversation highlighted Octane’s commitment to pushing boundaries and driving progress in the tech and healthcare sectors. Watch the full video here.

A Year of Groundbreaking
Bill Carpou enthusiastically shared Octane’s ambitious lineup of five major conferences scheduled for the upcoming year. These conferences, tailored to key industries, will feature top-tier speakers, captivating presentations, and unparalleled networking opportunities. The discussion kicked off with a reflection on the 2024 Aesthetics Tech Forum, marking its fifth year with major industry players and key opinion leaders driving the aesthetics market’s future. This event, born from a partnership with Allergan, has evolved into a beacon of innovation, connecting entrepreneurial companies with service providers and organizations dedicated to pushing the boundaries of aesthetics.

Octane recently announced the eagerly anticipated 2025 edition of the Aesthetics Tech Forum, set to take place on January 9 – 10, 2025, at the Pendry Newport Beach, promising an enhanced experience at a new and prestigious venue. Read the article here.
Looking ahead to 2024, Bill and Natalie provided insights into other pivotal events on Octane’s calendar. The Ophthalmology Tech Forum, slated for June 20-21 at the VEA in Newport Beach, was highlighted as a cornerstone event in Orange County, renowned for its engaging sessions, expert speakers, and unique Partnership Pursuit platform facilitating connections between physicians and entrepreneurs. This event is a testament to Orange County’s role as a hotbed for breakthroughs in eye care, drawing industry giants like Allergan, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, J&J Vision, Zeiss, and emerging companies.
September brings back the Cardiovascular Tech Forum, expanding on the successful formula applied to ophthalmology and aesthetics to spotlight innovations in heart health. This convergence of industry leaders — such as Baxter, Edwards Lifesciences, Johnson & Johnson, Massimo, Medtronic — investors, and innovative companies underscores Octane’s commitment to fostering advancements across cardiovascular health. 
At all Octane signature events, it allows entrepreneurs and strategics a platform to showcase their initiatives alongside keynotes and panels, enriching the summit experience with diverse perspectives and insights.

Innovating Beyond Events
Octane’s innovation extends beyond forums with the introduction of Haystacks and Mindex – two products developed to address critical needs within the technology and healthcare sectors.
Haystax leverages the dataset Octane has amassed from around 2,500 ventures over the last 11 years. Each venture contributes 40 unique data points, culminating in approximately 100,000 data points. Utilizing AI predictive analytics, Haystax provides investors with a calculated success probability for these companies, such as securing exits or successful fundraising efforts.

Mindex is poised to revolutionize how we approach mental health, offering individuals analytics to understand their mental well-being. This venture, in partnership with the Samueli Foundation, underscores Octane’s dedication to build a stronger footprint in Southern California in terms of how we treat, how we cure, and how we become attentive to mental health.

Join the Movement
Octane’s journey in 2024 is more than just about hosting events; it’s about cultivating an ecosystem where innovation thrives and solutions to tomorrow’s challenges are born. 
As the conversation concluded, it was evident that Octane is not just a catalyst for exceptional events but also a pioneer in shaping the future through groundbreaking products and initiatives. 

Stay tuned for more updates on LinkedIn and secure your tickets to Octane’s upcoming signature events to be part of this exciting journey of innovation and growth.

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About Octane:
Octane is the leading catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship in Southern California. Through a unique blend of an accelerator program, annual events, and strategic partnerships, Octane empowers entrepreneurs to turn ideas into successful businesses. Octane leads a diverse innovation community, accelerating access to capital, resources & solutions, while providing high-value support to our partners and clients. Learn more at octaneoc.org.


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