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Each expert will host 2 x 45 minute sessions at a round table for 10.  The expert selects their topic and attendees sign up to attend their sessions of choice.

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Octane will be hosting a Lunch with Experts where attendees will have the opportunity to network and ask questions with leaders in the Medical Innovation community.  Lunch with Experts will feature some of our key Medical Innovation Forum Speakers, C-Level executives, entrepreneurs, LaunchPad Alumni and experts in their field. Each expert will have 2 sessions – registered guests can sign up on a first-come, first-served basis!

Lunch with Experts 2023
Thursday, October 26, 2023


8:30am – 10:00 am PDT

Utilizing Physician Entrepreneurs to Accelerate Medtech Innovation

Collaboration between physician entrepreneurs and the medical technology sector has emerged as a crucial catalyst for accelerating innovation in healthcare. Physician entrepreneurs possess a unique blend of clinical expertise and firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare practitioners, patients, and payors. This unique knowledge enables physician entrepreneurs to identify critical unmet needs and gaps in current care, envision solutions, and design technologies that seamlessly integrate into existing healthcare systems. Moreover, their experience and credibility within the medical community enhances usability and clinical utility while accelerating validation and adoption.

These collaborations can also lead to more patient-centered and clinically validated technologies, resulting in improved patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency. Partnerships with industry stakeholders, investors, and regulatory bodies can streamline the path from concept to market.

To maximize the potential of physician entrepreneurs, there is a need for tailored support mechanisms that nurture their entrepreneurial aspirations. By fostering an ecosystem that encourages physician entrepreneurship, the healthcare industry can harness the power of these innovators to drive transformative changes and shape the future of medical technology.


Michael Brant-Zawadzki, MD, FACR, Senior Physician Executive, Hoag Memorial Hospital, The Ron and Sandi Simon Endowed Chair, Executive Medical Director, Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute

Dr. Brant-Zawadzki serves as the Senior Physician Executive at Hoag Hospital, fostering connections with specialist clinicians and overseeing comprehensive care programs that connect specialized services to primary care. He directs Hoag’s healthcare transformation via Institute models, consisting of condition-specific programs led by multidisciplinary teams to ensure patient-centered outcomes. He also supervises the Hoag Center for Research and Education.

Leading the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag, he coordinates Neurosurgery, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pain, Addiction, and Sleep Services, ranking among the top 1% nationally per US News and World Report.

With a BA from Stanford and an MD from the University of Cincinnati (graduating first in class), he underwent radiology training at Stanford. Previously at UCSF, he contributed to commercializing an early US magnetic resonance instrument and held an Adjunct Professorship at Stanford until 2022. An esteemed author, lecturer, and Fellow of the American College of Radiology, he’s received Gold Medals from prominent medical societies.

His leadership extends to Radiology at Hoag and earning a Certificate in Leadership for Health Care Transformation. He’s a founder and consultant for biotech and radiology firms. Notably, he established Hoag’s Center for Accelerating Technology and Life Sciences Translation (CATALiST), driving collaboration with industry partners for healthcare advancement.

Dr. Harris Rose, Managing Director, Chief Medical Officer, CerraCap Ventures

Harris Rose is a Harvard and Wharton trained physician entrepreneur who focuses on the use of technology to improve healthcare. Harris began his career as a nuclear engineer and department head aboard the US Navy submarine, USS PINTADO. Following his service in the Navy, Harris went on to become an orthopedic surgeon and founded Precision Bone & Joint, an Austin, TX orthopedic surgery practice. Dr. Rose now provides technical, financial and fundraising advice to healthcare startups and is Chief Medical Officer at CerraCap Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in healthcare, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity startups. Harris currently divides his time between Austin, TX and Park City, UT, where he enjoys his time with his wife of 25 years and his three children.

Women in Leadership. Fulfilling your sense of Purpose while Paving the way for Gender Parity

While women continue to make strides in business, there is still significant underrepresentation in leadership. Research by McKinsey and Company shows that company profits and employee performance can be 50% higher at workplaces where women are well represented at the top, yet only one in four C-suite leaders is a woman. Topics such as overcoming gender bias, building srong networks, and nurturing differentiated leadership skills to forge a more equitable and productive work environment will be explored to garner practical strategies and valuable insights.


Tara Capalbo, General Manager Glaucoma, Allergan

Tara Capalbo is an accomplished biopharmaceutical leader with 20 years of commercial experience across pharmaceuticals, medical device, buy and bill, at large global Fortune 500 organizations and at smaller privately held companies. She has an illustrious track record launching new products and new campaigns that accelerate growth, extend life cycles, and build markets. Currently she leads the Interventional Glaucoma business at Allergan. During her tenure at Allergan, she has led the successful launch of 6 products/ new indications across glaucoma, overactive bladder, spasticity, migraine and cerebral palsy, emphasizing best in class, innovative training, DTC optimization and patient access and support. She is committed to the relentless pursuit of improved patient outcomes, has served on the Urology Care Foundation board, is currently on the American Glaucoma Foundation Advisory Board and has partnered closely with patient advocacy and education groups including the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, the National Headache Foundation and the American Migraine Foundation. Tara was recently awarded the HBA Luminary award for her dedication to being a role model to others, exemplifying leadership, and exhibiting dedication to the healthcare and life-sciences industries. She has an undergraduate degree in Human Biology from Stanford University and a MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

The Pathway to a Groundbreaking Clinical Trial and Partnership with an Innovative Device Maker

City of Hope, one of the largest cancer research and treatment organizations in the United States, has opened a multi-center clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of robotic-assisted, single-incision mastectomies. The trial results could inform future breast cancer surgeries. In this session, Jennifer Tseng, M.D., the principal investigator and the medical director of breast surgery at City of Hope Orange County, will discuss the path to opening this clinical trial, including collaboration with Intuitive, the creator of the single-port da Vinci SP robotic device. Dr. Tseng will offer her advice for overcoming obstacles and navigating the complexities of the health care system. While Intuitive has employed the device for head and neck surgeries, introducing this innovation to breast cancer treatment is a new frontier in the United States. City of Hope opened the first U.S. clinical trial for robotic single-port mastectomies.


Jennifer Tseng, MD, Medical Director of Breast Surgery, City of Hope Orange County

As Medical Director of Breast Surgery at City of Hope Orange County, double board-certified surgical oncologist Jennifer Tseng, M.D., F.A.C.S. is committed a slate of innovative clinical trials.  As a researcher, she has co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications, review articles, book chapters and abstracts, including studies in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Annals of Surgery and Annals of Surgical Oncology. Dr. Tseng is a strong patient advocate and sets high standards of care, continually striving for improvement and meticulously planning surgeries to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. She completed her General Surgery residency training at Oregon Health and Science University and fellowship training in Clinical Immunotherapy at the National Cancer Institute and Complex General Surgical Oncology at University of Chicago.  She pursued additional fellowship training in medical education and clinical medical ethics at the internationally renowned MacLean Center at University of Chicago. Dr. Tseng serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Surgical Education and holds leadership and committee positions within the Society of Surgical Oncology, American Society of Clinical Oncology and American Society of Breast Surgeons.

Mastering the Art of Pitching to Strategic Investors

This session provides guidance on how to successfully present to a strategic investor to secure funding.


Lauren Spiegel, Sr. Director of Strategy & Business Development, Edwards Lifesciences

With over 16 years of experience in finance, strategy, and business development, Lauren is a results-oriented and patient-focused leader who thrives on creating and executing differentiated business strategies. As the Senior Director of Corporate Intelligence and Performance at Edwards Lifesciences, she leads a world-class team that enables and supports the company’s strategic objectives, business performance, and patient activation ambitions.

Some of her key capabilities and achievements include global team leadership and mentorship, execution and integration of strategic acquisitions and partnerships, optimization of competitive intelligence and counterintelligence programs, management of key operating drivers, and delivery of annual strategic plans, board, and investor communications. She has a passion for developing others to achieve their full professional potential. Lauren earned her undergraduate degrees and MBA from Santa Clara University.

Best Practices for Engaging with Regulatory Authorities: Finding Opportunities to Connect and

In our highly regulated medical technologies industry, understanding how to engage with health
authorities can be crucial for accelerated approvals and successful product launches. In this session, I
will share some of the best practices and learnings that I have had working with health authorities such
as the FDA, DEKRA and Health Canada in ways that helped build rapport, trust, and collaboration. Where
science is essential for demonstration of product safety and efficacy, proper communication can pave
the way for smoother reviews and successful outcomes.


Rosanne Melikian, PhD, MSRS, RAC, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Johnson & Johnson Vision

Rosanne is the Head of Regulatory Affairs for Mature Eye products at Johnson & Johnson Vision. She is responsible for leading a global regulatory affairs team for new product introduction and life cycle management of medical devices including cataract extraction systems and intraocular lenses, as well as ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVDs) and insertion systems.

She began her career in a hybrid Regulatory Affairs and Research Scientist role with Abbott. Since then, she has assumed roles of increasing responsibility and is now the head of the department responsible for global regulatory approvals and life cycle management for the largest business franchise for J&J Surgical Vision. She has also developed key talent within the regulatory affairs organization, supported critical business development projects, and has actively participated in U.S and international device standards meetings. Rosanne often presents to Health Authorities including the FDA, Health Canada, and DEKRA (EU) on novel implantable lens technologies and clinical trials.

Rosanne received her PhD in Genetics, Molecular, and Cellular Biology from USC’s Keck School of Medicine where she studied genetic models for retinal degeneration. She simultaneously completed a Master’s Degree in Regulatory Science and a Certificate in Clinical Study Design and Management from the USC School of Pharmacy.

Rosanne has published peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts in vision research and co-authored articles in the regulatory affairs professional journal, FOCUS, including an article on Mergers and Acquisitions in the Healthcare Product Industry. Rosanne received her Regulatory Affairs Certification in US regulations and has received numerous industry leadership awards. In 2020, Rosanne was selected as a member of the inaugural class of Ophthalmic World Leaders (OWL) Fellows where she collaborated with business leaders in the Ophthalmology industry.

Entering Japan’s Medical Device Market: Opportunities and Challenges for Startups

In this session, I would like to discuss Japan’s medical device market, which ranks among the top five globally and heavily relies on imported devices. Japan’s aging population presents significant opportunities for startups targeting age-related diseases. Having a well-defined plan to enter the Japanese market can enhance a company’s value and appear attractive to investors. However, expanding into Japan can be challenging due to differences in the healthcare system and language barriers. I will explore strategies to overcome these obstacles. Join me to learn about Japan’s medical device market and how startups can succeed in it.


Yosuke Matsubara, Senior Manager of Business Development & License Department, Teijin Pharma Ltd.

Yosuke Matsubara serves as the Business Development and Licensing Manager at Teijin Pharma, a Japan-based company operating in both the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. Yosuke obtained his Ph.D. in medical science prior to joining Teijin Pharma in 2008. With over a decade of experience in drug development within the company, Yosuke specializes in clinical trials, navigating regulatory approvals, and project management. He also acquired his PMP (Project Management Professional) certification in 2017.

Since last year, Yosuke has been working in the US, where he is responsible for sourcing innovative products for the Japanese market. His role centers on fostering collaborations and partnerships with startups in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Teijin Pharma’s medical device division concentrates on home-use devices, such as CPAP ventilators for OSA patients and Home Oxygen Therapy primarily for COPD patients, where the company holds a leading market position in Japan. Given that many of these products are sourced from overseas, Yosuke plays a crucial role in licensing-in activities. To optimize the licensing-in process, he collaborates with venture capital partners in the US, leveraging Teijin’s venture capital fund.

Clinical & Regulatory Strategies for Product approval & added value

Do you have a better mousetrap? How do you know? How will you convince Regulatory Agencies and Strategic Investors? A poor understanding of regulatory options and an ill-defined clinical strategy can quite literally make or break your company and is the single greatest point of failure for new start-ups. Come and chat with experts with decades of experience in these critical areas and gain insights on how to have the world beating a path to your door (whilst catching more mice!)


Vicki Gashwiler, Senior Director, Clinical Strategy & Operationalisation, ICON Medical Device & Diagnostics Research

  • Vicki is the Senior Director, supporting Clinical Strategy & Operationalisation and Program Oversight for key Medical Device Sponsors.  She serves as the therapeutic strategist for clinical studies in the indications of: cardiac and vascular, orthopedics with a focus on spinal indications, neurologic with a focus on pain management, endocrinology and critical care.  
  • Vicki has over 20 years of healthcare experience both in direct patient care as a Registered Nurse and Research Coordinator and in the Clinical Research Industry in the regions of: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Her operational and strategic experience in more than 50 medical device and diagnostic studies and therapies includes:,  implantable cardiac and vascular devices, pain management, critical care settings (both medications and devices), endocrinology spinal cord injury, spinal injection, and orthopaedic device programs.
  • She has directed cross-functional teams across multiple projects concurrently with proven excellence in successful plan development, communication, turnaround of troubled projects, and budget and risk assessment.   Her experience includes document development, clinical study execution, and submission support for pharmaceutical and medical devices. Vicki has supported interactions with regulatory bodies including: FDA, TGA and MHRA.
  • Vicki holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse in the state of Montana.  Her nursing experience includes: Intensive Care, Cardiovascular Care and Orthopaedic Surgery.

IVD & SaMD Clinical & Regulatory Strategies for Success

IVD & SaMD developments represent the cutting edge of new technologies – but edges can be dangerous places if you’re not careful. IVD & SaMD strategies (and regulations!) are different – traditional methodologies just won’t work. Come and chat with industry experts with decades of experience with IVD & SaMD so you can enjoy the view from the edge without falling over.


Nicole Cowan, MSc, Senior Director, Clinical Strategy & Operationalisation, ICON Medical Device & Diagnostics Research

  • Nicole is the IVD Strategy Head for ICON’s Medical Device and Diagnostic Research (MDDR) business unit providing strategic advising on optimized operationalization, including megatrials, global studies, as well as partnership programs.
  • Nicole brings proven excellence in successful strategy planning & development, communication optimization, turnaround of troubled projects, and budget and risk assessment, particularly for global, Class III Medical Device and logistically complex IVD studies. 
  • Nicole has over 15 years’ experience in clinic, academic, CRO, and central laboratory services landscapes across NA, EMEA, China, and Japan. 
  • She has operational and strategic experience in >10 therapeutic areas in  hundreds of medical device and diagnostic studies including Human Factors and Usability, Point of Care, clinical/ molecular Dx, Neurology (ALS, SMA, AD), Oncology & Hematology (EP Biopharma, Anemia, CRC, NSCLC), Infectious Disease assays & Vaccines (BBP), implantable Cardiovascular devices (DES, ICD) and Orthopaedic (knee, hip) device programs.

Preparing for Intellectual Property Diligence

Are you gearing up to attract investors or acquirers? Gain valuable insights into addressing the most common intellectual property questions that may arise during diligence.


Shannon Lam, Partner, Knobbe Martens

Shannon focuses on developing and implementing strong patent strategies to advance her clients’ business goals and objectives. She advises on global patent portfolio management, IP due diligence, competitive landscape analysis, IP agreements, and USPTO post-grant proceedings. Whether a client is seeking investment, moving toward acquisition, or growing an existing portfolio, Shannon’s strategic guidance and counseling align with the objectives of a company’s life cycle at any stage.

Within the medical device industry, Shannon has worked extensively with cardiovascular, orthopedic, and ophthalmic technologies. She has been involved in the intellectual property strategy and acquisitions of IDEV Technologies (acquired by Abbott), AccessClosure (acquired by Cardinal Health), Claret Medical (acquired by Boston Scientific), Tornier/Wright Medical (acquired by Stryker), and AcuFocus (acquired by Bausch + Lomb).

Medtech Market Intelligence; How Executives Can Leverage Data & Insights to Make Smarter Strategic Decisions, Faster

In a world overrun with information, finding the trusted data and insights needed for your biggest strategic decisions can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Now more than ever, effectively and efficiently leveraging the right data and insights at the right time can be the difference maker in your business. How do the industry leaders do it?

In this discussion, where we will dissect the best Market Intelligence practices from the most successful Medtech, Life Science, Finance, and Professional Services organizations. We will cover real-world applications on how industry leaders like Medtronic and McKinsey & Co. analyze, size, and forecast their markets, monitor competitors, and de-risk their biggest strategic decisions. We will also explore the utility of syndicated and custom research solutions that can act as an extension of your team, when to use them, and how to cut through the noise in the data marketplace.

Join us and learn how to take the headache out of finding the data and insights that you need to grow your business.


Scott Pantel, CEO & Founder, LSI

Scott Pantel is CEO & Founder of LSI. Since its inception in 2007, LSI has helped thousands of Medtech and Healthtech executives across the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East make smarter decisions and form stronger partnerships through curated events, media, and market intelligence.

As a trusted market intelligence leader, Scott has managed hundreds of consulting and advisory engagements with many of the largest Medtech, Life Science, Finance, and Consulting organizations around the world, including Abbott, Boston Scientific, Intuitive, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Olympus, Phillips, and Stryker, amongst others. Scott also works closely with venture-funded companies, venture capital and private equity firms, angel groups, and family offices committed to saving and improving lives through innovative technologies.

Scott is the Founder and Chair of the LSI Emerging Medtech Summits, a series of curated events in the United States and Europe uniting emerging companies, global strategics, early and growth stage investors, and professional services organizations. Now in their fifth year, LSI Emerging Medtech Summits have become the gold-standard investment and partnering experience for Medtech and Healthtech executives.

Scott earned a Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science from the University of California Irvine., and lives in Huntington Beach, California with his wife and two sons.

Zach Labrecque, Director of Business Development, Market Intelligence, LSI

Zach Labrecque is the Director of Business Development, Market Intelligence at LSI, focused exclusively on enabling Medtech and Healthtech executives and their teams to make smarter decisions by leveraging trusted data and insights. Under Zach’s leadership, LSI’s syndicated intelligence platform (Medtech Pro) and custom intelligence services augment many of industries most successful global corporations, from Medtronic to McKinsey & Co., in corporate strategy, product development, sales enablement, client services, and more.

Zach brings over a decade of experience in B2B business development, marketing, and growth operations. Since beginning his career at Stryker, Zach has been focused on and passionate about solutions for the Medtech and Healthech industries. 

Zach earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Computer Applications from the University of Notre Dame, and lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife and two daughters.  

Thinking of Opening a US Branch Office? US Work Visa Options.

Join for a discussion on ‘Thinking of Opening a US Branch Office?’ to dive into the essential aspects of US work visa options. Explore the most prevalent visa choices that should be on your radar, detailing their timelines, eligibility criteria, potential challenges, and a comprehensive walkthrough of the application process. Prepare to chart a successful course for your branch office expansion journey in the United States.


James Pack, Partner, Fragomen

James provides immigration counsel to large, medium, and small companies in a wide range of industries, including developing wireless technologies, animated feature film production, video game development and pharmaceuticals.

James currently serves on the Orange County Bar Association Board of Directors. He is a frequent presenter on immigration topics for various organizations. James graduated from Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, J.D., 1997 and is admitted to the California and Arizona State Bars. He is also a Certified Specialist, Immigration & Nationality Law, State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

James has been Listed in Best Lawyers in America, 2019 to 2023, and was named as a 2021 Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers in 2021.

James provides immigration counsel to companies that employ highly educated scientists working on cutting-edge wireless communication technologies. He has worked with entertainment studios, video game developers, and other companies in the computer graphics design field. James also secured an intracompany transfer visa for the Chief Technical Officer of a company that designs and develops custom applications for major online social networking websites and brand-name high-technology products and has obtained green cards for scientists and engineers working in biotechnology, alternative energy sources, and wildlife conservation through National Interest Waivers and other immigrant visa classifications.


Resources for companies at a university – what they are, where to find them

Universities graduate students, they do research, and they have centers of excellence in a variety of fields, but how can companies benefit from this? While companies know they can recruit students as interns or employees through campus career fairs, most companies are not aware that there are also opportunities to see students showcase research at various university forums and use these as reverse career fairs to recruit students. There are also opportunities to have a team of students in class projects do a project of benefit to the company. These projects can be in engineering or computer science, but they can also be in marketing or business analytics classes, and can engage undergraduate or graduate students. Universities also have continuing education programs that companies can utilize for their training needs. Research universities also produce new knowledge, patents of which are available for licensing to existing or start-up companies. Many universities have centers of excellence that bring together experts in a specific field, sometimes across multiple universities, and often including industry members. Additionally, the research universities have shared facilities and services that are often also available to industry on a shared basis. Other opportunities to work with universities will be discussed.


Goran Matijasevic, PhD, MBA, Executive Director, UCI Chief Executive Roundtable, UC Irvine

Goran Matijasevic, PhD, MBA, is the executive director of the UCI Chief Executive Roundtable. He is one of UC Irvine’s ambassadors to the local and national business community, establishing partnerships and opportunities that serve to enhance leader-to-leader connections across the campus. Goran also serves as the senior assistant vice chancellor for Alumni and Constituent Relations, working on enhancing alumni engagement. Prior to his position at the UCI Chief Executive Roundtable, he was director of research development at The Henry Samueli School of Engineering. Prior to UCI, he worked in research development manager positions at two start-ups. He has four patents, and has co-authored three book chapters and over forty conference and journal publications. He is past Chair of the national UIDP (University Industry Demonstration Partnership). Goran currently serves on the boards of Octane and SoCalBio. At UC Irvine, he serves on the Graduate Dean’s Leadership Council, UCI Calit2 Division Council, and the UCI TechPortal Incubator Oversight Committee. He was recognized by UCI Lauds & Laurels with Distinguished Engineering Alumnus and Outstanding Staff Achievement Awards. Goran received his MBA from Pepperdine University and his Ph.D. degree from UC Irvine in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Cardiovascular Innovations: What is a good idea, and how do we prove it, fund it, and organize it?

The disease that causes the most mortality and morbidity in Americans is cardiovascular disease. Our solutions keep improving but are far from perfect. Have you identified an unmet need? Do you have potential solutions? What ideas are worth funding for development costs? What process optimizes early feasibility? How can we possibly fund this early development? Who can I partner with to advance this idea?

I have spent three decades developing products for startups and large corporations. These have served millions of patients. Let’s talk about how to bring needed innovations to address this intractable disease.


Stanton J. Rowe, CEO, NXT Biomedical

Mr. Stanton J. Rowe is CEO of the NXT Biomedical, a medical device incubator backed by Deerfield Capital, J&J and Edwards Lifesciences. Mr. Rowe was previously the Chief Scientific Officer of Edwards Lifesciences Corp. since 2008 and served as its Corporate Vice President of Advanced Technology.

Mr. Rowe served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Percutaneous Valve Technologies Inc. (PVT). This company developed the first TAVR device, sold to Edwards in 2004.

He served as the Corporate Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Planning at Datascope Corp. Prior to this, Mr. Rowe served as a Vice President of Advanced Technology and Business Development at Johnson & Johnson’s Interventional Systems Division (JJIS), responsible for Johnson & Johnson’s coronary stent development efforts. At JJIS and the related Cordis Corporation, he held a variety of positions with increasing levels of responsibility, including heading Johnson & Johnson’s Business Development, Advanced Technology, Worldwide Clinical Research and Marketing groups. Mr. Rowe joined Cordis after having held several positions in product management for various medical device companies.

He serves as a Director of NovaSignal, and Anuncia Medical. He is a Director in the International Society of Translational Cardiovascular Research (ISCTR), and the Discovery Science Center in Orange County. He served as a Director of Biomerix Corporation, PQ Bypass, Zift Medical, InSeal Corp, and Remon Medical.

Mr. Rowe has served or served on numerous Biomedical Engineering Advisory Boards at UCI, UC Davis, Texas A&M, Brown University, and Georgia Tech. He holds a bachelor’s degree and a DSc (honoris) from the University of Alabama.

Navigating the Confluence of Medical Technology and Entrepreneurialism

In the keynote, “Generative AI – The Angst and the Excitement,” we delve into the intricate world of Generative AI, exploring its multifaceted impact on the healthcare sector and entrepreneurial ventures. The talk will navigate the personal and professional tools essential for transitioning from the ideation stage to commercialization, focusing on the intersection of medical technology, Artificial Intelligence, and digital therapeutics. How has this amalgamation influenced entrepreneurialism, and what does it mean for future ventures in the healthcare sector? Dr. Harvey Castro will illuminate the path, sharing insights from his extensive career that spans medical practice, entrepreneurial ventures, and executive leadership in various healthcare organizations.


Dr. Harvey Castro, MD, MBA, Physician & Healthcare Consultant; Author of ChatGPT & Healthcare

Dr. Harvey Castro has established himself as a pivotal figure in healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, and entrepreneurship. His academic pursuits, including an MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch and a Physician Executive MBA from the University of Tennessee, have fortified his career, which spans various domains of the healthcare and entrepreneurial sectors. Dr. Castro founded the Deep Pocket Series, developed over 30 medical apps, and led Trusted Medical to significant growth, showcasing his ability to blend medical expertise with entrepreneurial ventures seamlessly. As a medical advisor at Springtide Ventures, he navigates through potential investment opportunities in the healthcare sector, utilizing his vast experience and knowledge.

In addition to his tangible contributions to medical technology and entrepreneurship, Dr. Castro has authored several books, including those focusing on ChatGPT and healthcare, reflecting his expertise in integrating AI and medical practices. His voice has echoed on world stages as a keynote speaker, particularly on topics related to AI and Healthcare, sharing insights crucial in the current technological and medical landscape. Dr. Castro has also been a consultant for several news outlets, including Fox News, providing his expert opinion on various healthcare topics and advancements. His recognition as the “Best Doctor” by D Magazine for nine consecutive years and his features in numerous media publications underscore his influence and respect in the field. Join us in a session with Dr. Castro, where he will delve into the potentials and complexities of Generative AI in healthcare, providing invaluable insights for VC entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals alike.

Getting Value from Strategic Health System Partners

Partnership between hospitals and developers of early-stage technology can be extremely fruitful, but what is the best way to engage, when, and with whom? What resources are required to support companies’ needs, milestones, clinical studies, and evaluations? Is there a way for the hospital to leverage its institutional resources and help companies demonstrate clinical utility and value? In what ways can hospitals and clinicians’ feedback accelerate product development, FDA approval, and commercialization?


Ryan Kelly, PhD, MBA, Chief Innovation Officer, The Innovation Institute

Chief Innovation Officer, The Innovation Institute. Ryan operates in the frontlines of health innovation at the intersection of biomedical research, innovation, commercialization, and transformation. His work spans the entire landscape of product and service innovation, from translating unmet needs into products in market, to helping hospital systems foster a culture of innovation. Ryan brings over 20 years of experience in research, innovation, and commercialization to his role as Chief Innovation Officer for The Innovation Institute. He leads a talented team of professionals across the country, and together they manage partnerships with seven major hospital systems and alliance partnerships with industry and academia. They collaborate with 200,000 medical professionals affiliated across those seven systems to develop, commercialize, and bring new products and solutions to patients and the market at scale. Ryan has amassed a long list of accolades including closed deals, strategic partnerships (industry, academia, venture), grants and fellowships, guest speaker at national and regional industry groups, and published many peer-reviewed articles. Ryan blends his health, tech, and business mindsets to not only translate unmet needs into implemented solutions at scale, but also advise organizations and their leaders on how to identify and monetize non-traditional IP like clinical and operational know how. Prior to joining The Institute in 2015, Ryan held executive positions within the commercialization teams at Cleveland Clinic, City of Hope National Medical Center, and Scripps Research Institute where he was responsible for commercializing breakthrough drugs and diagnostics. He earned his PhD in immunology from the University of Minnesota, BS in biochemistry from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and MBA from the University of Southern California. When Ryan isn’t working to improve healthcare across the US, he can be found enjoying the sun and surf with his wife and children in Orange County, CA.

Melissa Goodwin, Senior Vice President, Strategic Engagement & Growth

Melissa draws on over two decades of experience in R&D, technology, innovation, and leadership to launch cutting-edge products and services. She currently leads innovation and commercialization efforts for six health systems across the United States that are part of the Innovation Lab member owner network.  

 As Senior Vice President for the Innovation Lab, Melissa has developed engagement strategies to identify and cultivate innovative solutions, built processes to assess and incubate ideas, and implemented new growth strategies for the organization.  

Melissa is a Bush Foundation Leadership Fellow, published author, and TEDx Speaker.

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