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Octane and LilaMax Media Spotlight Entrepreneurs with Exclusive NASDAQ MarketSite Interviews

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, seizing opportunities to showcase your company’s strengths, achievements, and goals to a vast audience is invaluable. Octane, a driving force in empowering entrepreneurs, is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with LilaMax Media, a collaboration that has opened doors for entrepreneurs associated with Octane to be featured in exclusive NASDAQ MarketSite video interviews. Hosted by seasoned business journalist Jane King, these interviews are a unique way for entrepreneurs to gain exposure across influential social media platforms and marketing outreach. In this blog post, we’ll delve into this exciting collaboration and highlight two outstanding entrepreneurs who recently took the spotlight at the 2023 High Tech Awards.


Octane and LilaMax Media: A Powerful Partnership
 Octane, with its extensive experience in supporting and nurturing startups, has always been committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Now, thanks to its partnership with LilaMax Media, Octane is taking this support to the next level. Through this collaboration, entrepreneurs and network members associated with Octane have the opportunity to participate in NASDAQ MarketSite video interviews, an experience that provides them with a unique platform to share their stories and visions with a vast audience.

The exclusive interviews, hosted by the renowned business journalist Jane King, are a chance for Octane’s LaunchPad SBDC alumni, Capital Assist clients, and partners to shine in the spotlight. This is not just another interview; it’s an opportunity to put their companies in the limelight and gain invaluable exposure across multiple digital channels. 

Meet the Entrepreneurs: Pretika MedTech and JeniVision Inc.

To give you a taste of the incredible entrepreneurs who have already embraced this opportunity, let’s meet two finalists from the 2023 High Tech Awards who recently shared their stories through the NASDAQ MarketSite interviews.

JeniVision Inc.
JeniVision Inc. is an early clinical stage biopharmaceutical company on a mission to revolutionize ophthalmology. Their proprietary non-invasive ocular delivery pathway (NIODP) enables the successful delivery of drugs to the retina with high bioavailability. The company has candidates in preclinical and clinical stages aimed at treating debilitating diseases like glaucoma and dry eye, as well as preventing common vision loss diseases such as ROP, myopia, and AMD. Their innovative, non-invasive treatment for dry AMD not only aims to improve patients’ vision but also prevent them from developing blinding wet AMD disease. JeniVision’s creativity and ingenuity are forging new pathways in medicine for the future.
Pretika MedTech
Pretika MedTech is making waves in the healthcare industry by innovating a new Wound Care device category for patient monitoring. Using their patent-pending CONNECTED BODY SURFACE CARE MODULES Technology, they embed connected wound care devices within wound dressings. These devices provide imaging and sensors that capture powerful medical images and collect critical patient data remotely. Their technology is revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals monitor and care for patients.

Octane’s partnership with LilaMax Media and the opportunity for NASDAQ MarketSite interviews with Jane King provide a remarkable platform for entrepreneurs to share their visions, innovations, and accomplishments. As these interviews gain exposure across social media platforms and marketing outreach, they become a powerful tool for highlighting the strengths of companies associated with Octane.


Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and remarkable entrepreneurs as Octane and LilaMax Media continue to provide a platform for sharing success stories and groundbreaking innovations. This partnership is just one more way Octane is empowering entrepreneurs to make a difference in the business world.

If you’re interested in securing an interview with LilaMax Media and Octane, contact us at info@octaneoc.org.


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