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Ophthalmology Tech Forum’s Capital & Growth Presentations: Pioneering the Future of Ophthalmics


The Ophthalmology Tech Forum’s Capital & Growth company presentations brought together a remarkable lineup of companies that are driving innovation in the field of ophthalmology. Moderated by Andrew DouglasPartner, Knobbe Martens, these visionary ventures showcased cutting-edge technologies and transformative therapies that hold the potential to revolutionize eye care. After a riveting session, two standout entrepreneurs were recognized for their exceptional contributions. Marie Csete, CEO of OkuloVision, secured the coveted People’s Choice award, while John VeLure, CEO of i-Lumen Scientific, claimed the prestigious Judge’s Choice award. Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable companies and their groundbreaking achievements.


  • i-Lumen Scientific™: is making waves in ophthalmic biotech with their pioneering efforts to improve eyesight in patients suffering from nonexudative (dry) age-related macular degeneration (dAMD). With a focus on a previously unexplored field, i-Lumen Scientific™ offers a promising therapy that has the potential to transform the lives of countless individuals. By targeting this prevalent condition, the company aims to fill a significant gap in ophthalmology and provide new hope for patients.


  • Implandata Ophthalmic Products: is a transformative ophthalmic digital health and device company that is revolutionizing glaucoma care. Their breakthrough EYEMATE-System enables remote disease management, allowing for better monitoring and personalized treatment approaches. By leveraging technology, Implandata is streamlining glaucoma care, enhancing patient outcomes, and paving the way for more efficient and effective treatments in the field.


  • OkuloVision: is leading the charge in developing cone photoreceptor-based regenerative therapies for central vision loss. Their innovative approach offers hope to patients affected by inherited and acquired conditions such as dry macular degeneration. With promising results in animal models and successful manufacturing runs, OkuloVision is on a mission to bring their therapy to clinical scale. The People’s Choice winner at the Ophthalmology Tech Forum, OkuloVision’s work embodies the cutting-edge advancements in ophthalmology.


  • Pixium Vision:  harnesses state-of-the-art technologies, including visual processing, micro-electronics, opto-electronics, neurobiology, and artificial intelligence, to develop Bionic Vision Systems. By combining machine-brain interfaces and advanced software algorithms, Pixium Vision is unlocking new possibilities for individuals with visual impairments. Their innovative solutions have the potential to transform the lives of those affected by retinal diseases and bring about a new era of visual restoration.


  • Viewpoint Therapeutics: is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the ophthalmic community, benefiting patients, providers, and payers alike. Their commitment to advancing the field is evident through their cutting-edge technologies and novel approaches. By pushing the boundaries of ophthalmic research and development, Viewpoint Therapeutics is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of eye care.

Our esteemed panel of judges at the OTF 2023’s Capital & Growth company presentations included highly respected industry leaders, bringing their expertise and insights to evaluate the exceptional lineup of companies. Let’s introduce the distinguished judges:


  1. Sanjeev Ganatra, Chief Commercial Officer, IUVO Biosciences: With extensive experience in ophthalmology and a deep understanding of commercial strategies, Ganatra evaluates market potential and commercial viability.


  2. David LeCause, General Manager, Anterior Segment; Allergan, and AbbVie Company: Bringing expertise in ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, LeCause offers valuable insights into clinical aspects and therapeutic impact.


  3. Jai G Parekh, MD, MBA, EVP/Chief Innovation Officer, EyeCheq & Founder, EyeCare Consultants of NJ: A renowned ophthalmologist and entrepreneurial expert, Dr. Parekh evaluates scientific merits, clinical potential, and market impact.

These judges contribute invaluable knowledge and industry perspective, ensuring a thorough assessment of innovations that will shape the future of ophthalmology.


Octane Capital & Growth: Empowering Visionary Ventures


These exceptional presentations underscore the pivotal role played by Octane’s Capital & Growth division in supporting and nurturing visionary ventures in the ophthalmology space. As the driving force behind the success of these companies, Octane Capital & Growth provides invaluable resources, expertise, and access to industry-specific investors. By offering capital formation support, non-dilutive capital options, and operational expertise, Octane empowers these innovative ventures to thrive and make a lasting impact in the field of ophthalmology.


OTF 2023’s Capital & Growth company presentations showcased the immense potential and groundbreaking advancements in ophthalmology. With OkuloVision and i-Lumen Scientific leading the way, the future of eye care looks brighter than ever. These companies, along with the support of Octane Capital & Growth, are driving transformative changes, improving patient outcomes, and shaping the future of ophthalmology.

Learn more about Octane Capital & Growth here. If you want to be a presenter at one of Octane’s future events, contact Octane’s Capital Assist team or apply here


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